Day After Christmas

Arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott is despicable. Dropping off migrants in front of Vice

President Kamala Harris’s residence on Christmas Day is lower than whale sh_t. What is the whole point of this evil exercise? On Christmas Day.


Don’t give up. Commentary is talking about the City of H-Town Solid Waste Department.

My green bin was scheduled to be picked up last Thursday. It wasn’t. I went online Friday and found out that green bins would not be picked up Thursday and Friday.   My bin would now be picked up on January 6, 2023. What?

It is like they have given up over there. They need to be more creative and plan better. They need to build in some flexibility. Something other than what they are doing these days.  Some folks don’t know to go online and check. Their green bins are still sitting out on the curb this morning.


On Christmas Eve, Commentary wore a “Die Hard” Nakatomi Plaza theme sweatshirt over my Grinch t-shirt.  I went over to my best friends Julie and Al’s house. Their granddaughter Adrienne came out wearing a Grinch shirt, so we had to take a photo together. It is the featured photo, and she is a darling.

For Christmas I got a Beatles wall calendar, Beatles socks, and a Beatles t-shirt.  I also got World Series Championship red wine and sparkling wine and a World Series Championship mug. I may mention other gifts tomorrow. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get Beatles stuff for Christmas.


I mentioned that nine teams from Texas were playing in college bowl games. To date, they are 1-5. UH is the only winner.


Baseball Hall of Fame greats Carlton Fisk and Ozzie Smith are celebrating birthdays today. Carlton is 75 and Ozzie is 68. Happy Birthday Carlton Fisk and Ozzie Smith!

Hall of Fame great Rickey Henderson turned 64 yesterday, Christmas Day. Happy Belated Birthday Rickey Henderson.

Carlos Correa has not signed with the Mets as of this morning. A medical thing.

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