Today is National Hot Chocolate Day and I will for sure.


Steve Bannon the criminal isn’t happy that Ronna Romney McDaniel was reelected to Chair the Republican National Committee. I am happy she was reelected. I like GOP dysfunction.


Just like the Texas GOP Chair who is attacking the Texas GOP House Speaker for appointing Democratic state representatives as committee chairs. Think about this. How often does a major Democratic Party initiative get adopted in the GOP controlled Texas House? I am waiting.

It is like a waste of energy by the Texas GOP. I guess I am also ok with that too.


We now have us an official Texas Border Czar. Sigh.


We all know Cancun Cruz is a punk that a ton of folks don’t respect. His arse is owned by Donald Trump and Cancun has no problem with that. Here is the latest from the Daily Beast:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stopped short of offering an outright apology for sharing conspiracy theories about the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi. After the brutal assault on Nancy Pelosi’s 82-year-old husband during a break-in at their San Francisco home in October, Cruz was one of many right-wing figures who pushed spurious claims about the alleged attacker, David DePape. Cruz shared a screenshot of a thread by alt-right troll Matt Walsh which claimed it was “absurd” to call DePape a “militant right winger”—despite reports that DePaper had posted on far-right blogs. “Truth,” Cruz captioned the screenshot on Twitter. When asked by a TMZ reporter if he would apologize following the release of bodycam footage of the attack on Pelosi, Cruz couldn’t bring himself to say sorry. Instead, he called the attack “utterly unacceptable” and labeled DePape a “deranged lunatic.” “The day it happened, I said it was [a] horrific violent attack and my prayers [were] with the Pelosi family—they remain [with the family]” Cruz told the reporter.

What a punk.


In the Chron hard copy section that gives a shout out to birthdays, they have actor Stuart Margolin celebrating his 83rd birthday today. Stuart played “Angel” in the “Rockford Files.” He also passed last month. Oh, well.


Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan is 76 today. Happy Birthday, Nolan!

Did you know that Nolan Ryan had his jersey number retired by the Angels, Astros, and Rangers? He wore the number 34 as an Astro and Ranger, and the number 30 as an Angel. Now you know.

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