Lax Protocols

My Dad tested positive for COVID last week.  He got it at the rehab facility.  I have tested myself daily since I found out and have come up negative every time.

I won’t mention the name of the rehab facility.  They were lax on their COVID protocols. How do I know? I witnessed it firsthand.

Remember when I mentioned last week that all the facility’s patients, staff, and visitors were put in the hallways during the tornado warning. I had on my mask, but there were quite a few visitors without masks.

You would think that during a pandemic, yes, we are still in a pandemic, folks would wear masks at a rehab facility where 99% of the patients are seniors. Nope. Visitors walk up and down the hallways without wearing masks.

As of this past Friday, the featured photo is posted on the doors to numerous patient rooms throughout the facility. It is an outbreak.

This past Friday, I had a couple of heated phone discussions with facility staff over their lax COVID protocols. One staffer told me that once visitors are inside the facility, the state won’t allow them to enforce mask mandates.

Apparently, that has changed.  They are now not letting visitors roam through the hallways and masks are now required at all times.

It is a shame. My Dad is fully vaccinated and boosted.  Now he is congested, has maybe lost his taste because he isn’t eating much, and is now on the COVID meds.


What a moron. There is an outbreak where my Dad is staying and this arsehole is playing games. This is from the Tribune this past weekend:

Gov. Greg Abbott said Thursday that his pandemic-era public health disaster declaration, which has given him unprecedented powers for the past 1,049 days, would stay in place until state legislators pass laws banning COVID-19-related restrictions on Texans and strengthening the state’s power at the border.

Abbott’s remarks to syndicated Texas conservative talk radio show host Chad Hasty on Thursday doubled down on his long-standing challenge to lawmakers to prohibit local governments from enacting mask and vaccine mandates “and other restrictions on freedom.”

“I’m going to keep that in place until the legislators codify my executive orders that ban mask mandates, that ban forced vaccines and things like that,” Abbott said. “I want to see that get passed.”

What a POS.


I watched the Memphis video. Sickening. Disgusting.  

A lot of the talking heads were talking about how quickly the five black cops were fired and charged. If they were five white cops, they would probably still be on patrol.


Saturday was National Blueberry Pancake Day. Yesterday was National Corn Chip Day. Today is National Croissant Day.


I respect the General. He knows a lot about the NFL. This is what he tweeted last night:

John McClain

DeMeco Ryans is one of the best, most respected and most popular players in Houston’s pro football history. If the McNair family hires him it won’t just be a home run – it’ll be a grand slam!!!

It will be a grand slam if we get to the conference championship game.

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