Names, Please

Commentary finally got my green bin picked up yesterday. I went 31 days between pick-ups.  There must be a better way for sure.


Here is from a Channel 13 story from this past weekend:

Republican candidate for Harris County Judge Alexandra del Moral Mealer has officially filed a contest to November’s election after losing to incumbent Lina Hidalgo, she said in a tweet late Thursday night.

On Thursday, Mealer said in a tweet, “After careful review and analysis of the facts available, I have decided to file an election contest.”

“Every Harris County voter should be deeply concerned about voter suppression and welcome full transparency to ensure free and fair elections,” she continued.

ABC13 reached out to Mealer for further comment. She was not made available. Her attorney, Elizabeth Alvarez, said the lawsuit’s basis is voter suppression.

“Our lawsuit is simply about voter suppression. There’s a statistically significant number of people who had their polling locations constructively closed on election day because they showed up to vote and they were turned away,” Alvarez said.

She said they have plans to prove people’s right to vote was interfered with.

“We are going to use data scientists to model the various polling locations in an attempt to demonstrate that a statistically significant number of people was disenfranchised, and if a statistically large enough number of people were disenfranchised, then that election has to be done over,” Alvarez said.

Data scientists? How about just providing the names with signed affidavits of folks who couldn’t vote on Election Day because of problems at the polling locations. The loser GOP candidates who want their election overturned have yet to produce the name of a single voter. Think about that.

In Mealer’s case, that would be 16,000 voters who were disenfranchised because of problems at the polling locations, and these voters intended to vote for Mealer.

It has been two months since Election Day. Not a single voter has come forward to say they were unable to vote for GOP candidates on Election Day here in Harris County. Let’s hear their stories.

Where’s the beef? Where’s the voters? Gives us some names, please.

Data scientists my arse.


My other wall calendar is a national day calendar. Last week on New Year’s Day we had National Bloody Mary Day and National Hangover Day.  Also among the notable last week were National Science Fiction Day on January 2, National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day on January 3, National Spaghetti Day on January 4, National Screenwriters Day on January 5, National Shortbread Day on January 6, National Bobblehead Day on January 7, and National Bubble Bath Day yesterday.

Today is National Apricot, Balloon Ascension, Clean Off Your Desk, Law Enforcement Appreciation and Static Electricity Day. That is five national days in one day. Got it?


You know the Texans are a lousy run franchise when a lot of fans wanted the team to lose yesterday so we could have the top pick in the draft. The Texans fired their head coach last night, and I don’t care.

There were 4 no-nos tossed in MLB last season. 2 were tossed by the Astros.

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