Trash Talk

When I used to work for Texas Governor Mark White, one time we were meeting with some folks in his capitol office. After the meeting, one of the participants asked him what part of being governor did he like the most. Governor White responded, “when the legislature is not in session.”

Happy #TXLEGE Day, y’all!


If you have lived in H-Town for a while, you pretty much know where illegal dumping occurs. In the poorer neighborhoods. 

Here is the headline in the hard copy today of the E-Board take:

There’s no reason city has to stay trashy

Here is the take: Why is Houston so trashy? [Editorial] (

For some folks in H-Town, it is timely trash and recycling pick-up. For others, it is illegal dumping.

Now that’s what you call trash talk.


As folks know, Commentary on occasion wears Beatles t-shirts. Every so often, if someone says they like my Beatles shirt, I will shoot them this question: how many are still alive? Yesterday, I was wearing a long sleeve Beatles shirt with photos of the four and I walked past a group of folks – a bit younger than me – and one of them commented on the shirt. I asked the question and one responded – one. Nope, I said. Two said another. Me – name the two?

Them – Paul, uh, uh, oh Ringo!


Today is National House Plant Appreciation Day and National Bittersweet Chocolate Day!

Nothing from The Yard today.

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