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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is on the third Monday in January.

It was first observed as a federal holiday on January 20, 1986.

Alabama and Mississippi observe Martin Luther King, Jr. today along with Robert E. Lee, because that traitor was born on January 19.

The Chron has a nice story about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last visit to H-Town in October of 1967. He stayed at the now gone Shamrock Hilton Hotel and spoke at the also now gone Sam Houston Coliseum.


I am sure you heard about this. It is in the Trib:

A Conroe brewery says it’s been inundated with harassment and some threats after announcing Friday that it would no longer allow a “rally against censorship” featuring Kyle Rittenhouse to be held there later this month.

“It’s been kind of a shitstorm,” Southern Star Brewery CEO Dave Fougeron said in a Saturday morning interview. “But now I’m more certain than ever that I made the right decision.”

Fougeron also said that he was not aware until a few days ago that the event’s “special guest” was Rittenhouse. And he disputed claims – including those from Rittenhouse and others – that the cancellation came after pressure from a “woke mob” or distributors such as H-E-B.

Rather, he said, it was primarily concerns from local patrons that led to the decision. Fougeron described himself as apolitical, and said his brewery, which produces well-known local craft beers such as Bombshell Blonde, strives to be a place that’s welcoming to all.

“Our place is super inclusive,” he said. “We are super pro-veteran, super pro-law enforcement. We’re trying to be good people in the community. We’re friends with our firefighters, with our police department…. We have a lot of gay patrons who come in because it’s a place of inclusivity. It’s crazy that we’re getting threats from people.”

And this:

The Jan. 26 event was also set to include a leader of TEXIT, a group that advocates for Texas to secede from the United States. The event organizer is Defiance Press, a Conroe-based publisher behind titles including “Corona-fascism” and a biography of Joe Arpraio, the former Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff who refused a judge’s order to stop racial profiling by his department.

Defiance Press describes itself as “active in the fight against censorship through publishing conservative books which have been widely censored from mainstream media,” and has also published materials that support Texas leaving the United States.

Here is the entire read: Texas brewery gets threats after canceling Kyle Rittenhouse event | The Texas Tribune.

In 2010, the Democratic Party had a GOTV event at Saint Arnold that I attended. That was just before all the current extreme hate entered national politics. Back then, the GOP accepted their losses.

I have been to a couple of Sen. Carol Alvarado fundraisers at 8th Wonder with no problems.

I was at a candidate forum a few years ago at Holler Brewery. No problems.

The Southern Star folks just ran into the extreme crazies. Good call by them. I will have to go pick up a 12-pak of a Southern Star product on my next beer run.


This past Friday was National Blame Someone Else Day. It is only observed by the GOP. Yesterday was National Bagel Day and National Strawberry Ice Cream Day.


Albert Pujols is 43 today. 703 career dingers. 62 off Astros pitchers. 33 at The Yard. Happy Birthday Albert!

Have a productive MLK Day.

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