Friday 13

Lisa Marie Presley left us at age 54.  Her dad, Elvis, left us at age 42. Tragic.


Today is Friday, January 13. If you are into Friday, the 13th. Maybe you are into the flicks. The next Friday the 13th is in October.  The most Friday the 13ths you can have in a year is three. Now you know. Good luck!


I am a very upset Democrat this morning.  The President Joe Biden classified documents issue is such a mess and distraction. How in the heck does this happen?  They just gave Donald Trump a free pass. Dumbsh_ts for sure!


This is from a Chron story:

After an outcry from community members, the Houston ISD board voted against terminating Tiffany Guillory, who had served as principal of Jack Yates High School. 

Six trustees voted against termination and three in favor. Houston ISD officials said they could not immediately say that the next step would be.

Before board members voted, they heard from numerous upset parents and alumni.  

Here is the entire read: HISD board votes to not terminate Yates principal Tiffany Guillory (

The Chron story doesn’t say which board members voted to terminate and which board members voted against termination. Come on! Lousy reporting.


I saw this story online this morning:

Paul Ryan gave a damning assessment of former President Donald Trump’s electoral credibility in scathing comments made Thursday. “He’s fading fast,” the former House speaker said of Trump during a CNN interview. “He’s a proven loser who cost us the House in ’18, he cost us the White House in ’20, he cost us the Senate again and again, and I think we all know that.” Although Trump is the only major Republican figure to have officially launched a bid for the White House in 2024, Ryan said he believed that the GOP would realize that backing Trump again would hurt its electoral chances. “I think we’re moving past Trump,” Ryan said. “I really think that’s the case. I can’t imagine him getting the nomination, frankly.”

From one loser to another loser, I guess.


From an AP story:

NEW YORK (AP) — Steve Bannon’s lawyers want out of his border-wall fraud case, telling a judge Thursday that he is unwilling to speak with them directly and that they have “irreconcilable” differences about how to proceed.

F-you to the lawyers. Who did you think your client was? F_cking morons.


From Tags:

(Today) Friday is the deadline for teams and arbitration-eligible players to exchange desired salary figures for the 2023 season, which usually leads to many contracts being settled. The Astros have eight arbitration-eligible players, led by All-Star outfielder Kyle Tucker and All-Star left-hander Framber Valdez.

From a Tags tweet:

Astros will hold their first official Spring Training workout for pitchers and catchers at the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches complex in West Palm Beach on Feb. 16.

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