Mom and Dad

My Dad left us last night. Antonio Campos was 99. Most folks knew him as Tony, Dad, Grandpa, and Uncle Tony.

He was surrounded by family.

He had been struggling with health issues the last few years. It got worse over the past five months. For years, I accompanied him to his various medical appointments. I had a front row seat as he confronted and battled health issues.

I will be sharing what I learned. We will also be posting in the coming days his full obituary with details on his burial service.

He now joins my Mom in heaven.


Mack asked for it. Great line from Judge Lina Hidalgo on the election related lawsuit filed by Mattress Mack. Here is the line in the Chron:

“It’s almost comical. In Harris County, we’re not only enduring the pillow guy, but we’ve got to deal with the mattress guy, too.”

Here is how Mack responded in the Chron:

“I’d also ask Judge Hidalgo two questions: what has she ever accomplished in her life and has she ever had to sweat making payroll?”

Wayne Dolcefino, who was hired by Mack said this:

“Judge Hidalgo in just a few years has become an example of an arrogant yet insecure politician who does not respect the public right to know. She doesn’t think we have the right to evaluate the performance of the election administrator? How dare her. She is the one who is comical. Mattress Mack has done more for this town than anyone else I know. He cares. She obviously doesn’t.”

Let’s see, she was elected Harris County Judge in 2018. The first woman ever elected to the position. There have not been that many county judges in the history of Harris County so I would think that is a big deal and accomplishment. Minimizing a high-profile Latina who has been twice elected by the voters in the largest county in Texas isn’t a very smart thing to do.

Mack and Wayne won’t win the war of words against Judge Hidalgo. The two old dudes against a woman thing.

I wonder if Mack will now buy another full-page ad in the Chron to go after Judge Hidalgo.

Mack and Wayne need some PR folks to tell them to stand down.


From what I read, yesterday wasn’t a State of the State address. It was a state of the arsehole Greg Abbott speech.


Have a safe President’s Day Weekend

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