President’s Day

On this President’s Day Commentary will honor former President Jimmy Carter. We all learned this past weekend that President Carter will be receiving hospice care at his home.

News of this hit home for me.  On February 9 of this year, my Dad started receiving hospice care at his home in Baytown.  He died a week later peacefully with his family at his side. I know what the Carter family is going through. Believe me.

Sitting there. Patiently. Impatiently. Monitoring. Asking hospice staff questions. Wondering, is it time? How is he doing? You get the picture if you have been there.

The featured photo is a poster I still have of the 1976 presidential campaign. The poster is 46-years old.  1976 was the last time a Democrat carried Texas in a presidential campaign. I was the Deputy Director of the Texas Democratic Party’s Get-Out-The-Vote effort that year.

Rest comfortably, President Carter.


Meanwhile, President Joe Biden made a surprise visit today to Ukraine. Wow!


The Chron E-Board today thanks Mattress Mack. Here is the online headline:

Editorial: Thank you, Mattress Mack, for suing Harris County over election records

The open record thing.

Here is the first sentence of their take:

Whether Harris County disenfranchised voters and skewed election results by running out of paper in November is debatable

Nope. It is not debatable. Commentary will say it again because apparently nobody in the local or statewide media is paying attention. Stop being lazyarse. In this case the lazyarse Chron E-Board.

Produce the names of GD voters in Harris County who were disenfranchised on election day. Who didn’t get to vote because of a ballot shortage?  The media, the Harris County GOP, and the GOP sore losers have had 3 and ½ months to produce the names of those who were denied a ballot and they have come up with zilch.

The Chron E-Board’s dumb first sentence today tells you all you need to know. Sad.


Today is National Cherry Pie Day.

Maybe it has something to do with President George Washington and the cherry tree thing.


Justin Verlander is 40 today. Happy Birthday 2022 AL Cy Young Award winner Justin Verlander!


Have a safe President’s Day today.

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