National Wear Red Day

We have two candidates for Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party. Attorney Silvia Mintz posted the following:

With the resignation of Odus Evbagharu it is with excitement that I announce my intention to run for Harris County Democratic Party Chair.

The Party needs a leader that can keep the county moving forward and not only preserve the accomplishments from the last three election cycles but someone that can build on that progress.

I have run political campaigns, block walked, texted, phone banked, hosted fundraisers, raised money and ran for political office.

I believe that I can be very effective as the Harris County Democratic Party Chairwoman where I can use my experience and knowledge to ensure that Harris County continues to be Democrat and to help turn Texas Blue.

If you are a precinct chair, please consider supporting me with your vote. If you know a precinct chair, please ask them to consider supporting me with their vote!

Mike Doyle, the current president of the Harris County Democratic Lawyers Association, is also running for Chair.

Here is what I would like to see from the new chair.  I want the new chair to put an emphasis on increasing Latino voter turnout. To my knowledge the Harris County Democratic Party has never undertaken a project of this nature.  Just saying.


Today is certainly a busy one for National Days.

National Wear Red Day.

National Carrot Cake Day.

National Bubble Gum Day.

National Day the Music Died Day.

National Women Physicians Day,

National Missing Persons Day.

National Four Chaplains Day.

Buddy Holly died 64 years ago today at age 22. J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson died 64 years ago today at age 28. Ritchie Valens died 64 years ago today at age 17.


Four Chaplains Day is celebrated on February 3 every year in recognition of four Army chaplains who acted in the spirit of heroic sacrifice and humanitarianism onboard a sinking ship.

It was 1943 and the U.S.A.T. Dorchester was sailing across the Atlantic ocean, packed to capacity. Tragedy struck when a German submarine fired a torpedo at the ship, sinking it and killing the hundreds who were onboard.

The Four Chaplains on board the ship were Reverend George L. Fox of the Methodist faith, Jewish Rabbi Alexander D. Goode, Father John P. Washington of the Catholic faith, and Reverend Clark V. Poling from the Dutch Reformed Church. Many witnesses remember their courage, support, and prayers for the many distressed people onboard. They offered their life jackets to four people in need and as a consequence had to remain on the sinking ship, comforted only by the thought of their actions and the fact that they were going to meet their Maker soon.

In recognition of their valor and guided by non-discrimination against anyone based on their religion, the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation was set up as a way of promoting interfaith unity and a spirit of service among individuals. The U.S. government awarded them the Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Cross medals in 1944. They were also nominated for the highest military honor, the Medal of Honor, but because they had not engaged in active combat with the enemy, they did not qualify for it. Congress, therefore, created a ‘Special Medal for Heroism’ as an honorable substitute.

Since the bombing took place on February 3, 1943, many military organizations and clubs across the country observe Four Chaplains Day, and in 1998, a senate resolution was passed to recognize the 55th anniversary of the incident making Four Chaplains Day official.

Now you know.


The hard copy Chron sports section today devoted three full pages to DeMeco Ryans, the new head coach of the Texans. The sports section headline reads:

Match made in heaven

Talk about high expectations. Good luck!

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