Tater Tots

A couple of days ago, one of the local TV news reporters asked Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo about the paper ballot shortages, other Election Day issues, and blaming it on the Astros parade. Judge Hidalgo refused to answer the question. It wasn’t a good look.

Judge Hidalgo chairs the five-person commission that oversees the Elections Administrator. Commentary will say it again. She needs better professionals around her. She should have answered the TV reporter with this:

“Has your TV news department or investigative team produced any voters who didn’t get to vote on Election Day because of paper ballot shortages or other issues?”

End of story.


I saw this Newsweek story online and I am glad the Chron or Trib aren’t running with it because it is ridiculous and stupid.  See this:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is considering new elections in the state’s Harris County after it was discovered that a shortage of ballot paper was more widespread than officials had estimated it to be.

On Tuesday, Abbott said the shortage was so much larger than initially believed that it “may have altered the outcome of elections.”

“It may necessitate new elections,” the governor tweeted

What a dummy.  This moron has already certified the election. Quite a few elected officials already have a certificate with his signature saying they won fair and square.

Has the new Texas Secretary of State said anything close to this?

He doesn’t have any authority to call for new elections after they have been certified. He is just sensationalizing this. What a moron.


Democrats lost a few countywide judgeships three months ago. The Harris County Democratic Party Chair is resigning this month. I don’t like the fella and that is all I will say on this.


I am sure we will know why the new local non-profit news outfit is called Houston Landing. Maybe because of Allen’s Landing in 1836 or “the Eagle has landed” was heard at Mission Control in Houston in 1969.


Today is National Tater Tot Day. I can’t remember the last time I ate a tater tot.


I am glad H-Town dodged the bullet on the freezing weather that hit other parts of Texas. Whew!

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