As Expected

Second verse, same as the first.  As expected.  See this from the Chron:

The second Texas Education Agency forum at Chavez High School Wednesday night was not as heavily attended but just as loud as the first one — and felt more like a rally than an informational meeting.  

Before the meeting started, TEA speakers told the audience they wanted to “set expectations” of being respectful to speakers and community members. Several audience members shouted at the presenters, objecting to the state intervention with chants and cheers. 

“TEA will not be responsible for running the district the board will,” Alejandro Delgado, a deputy TEA commissioner said. 

And this:

Delgado had a power point prepared, but like the night before he never had a chance to present it. Instead, different community members got in line and took turns speaking in the megaphone in front of the stage. 

Here is the entire Chron read on last night’s thing: Second TEA forum met with frustrated audience members opposed to HISD (

The Chron E-Board also has a take on the two gatherings sponsored by TEA. Here is the first part of their take:

It didn’t take long for things to get loud at TEA’s first public meeting since announcing its takeover of the largest school district in the state. The audience inside the crowded auditorium at Westbury High School made their frustrations heard. At first just a couple people stood, shouting for a chance to ask questions. Periodic chants broke out, inspiring more people to rise to their feet, cheering in favor. Others would chime in and urge people to quiet down so they could get through the slideshow and onto to the questions. But they didn’t let up on the TEA representative stationed at the front of the room. “Next slide,” one woman shouted when he seemed to move too slowly through the presentation. 

The meeting seemed to confirm any bias one might have. If you believe TEA is carrying out a hostile takeover with no genuine community involvement, the agency did not help its case Tuesday night. If you believe Houston is a chaotic, unruly place that needs the strong hand of an appointed board, you saw that in the shouting.

Here is the entire E-Board read:  If TEA can’t run a meeting, how can it run HISD? (Editorial) (

I agree with this statement today by Charles Kuffner:

Mike Morath really needs to be at these things and talk directly to the people, it’s flat out disrespectful not to.

Here is all of Off the Kuff: This is not how you win hearts and minds – Off the Kuff.

The sooner the takeover the better. Two more gatherings. You notice, I don’t refer to them as meetings because they are not.


From the Trib today:

Texas senators on Wednesday unanimously approved Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s agenda on property tax cuts this legislative session, which would pump billions of state dollars into public schools and give bigger tax breaks for homeowners and business owners.

Senator Carol Alvarado, Chair of the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus, released the following statement:

This increased exemption is anticipated to save homeowners $341 on average. The accompanying joint resolution includes a “hold harmless” provision requiring the state to make up any resulting funding decrease to school districts. This tax relief will continue only if the Texas Legislature meets its ongoing obligation to make up this difference for our public schools. 

All 31 Senators are joint authors of this important legislation providing much-needed relief for homeowners. Senate Democrats have long advocated for a larger homestead exemption and would be supportive of additional increases to $100,000 or more as many homeowners are struggling to make ends meet in today’s economy.

Senate Democrats are also committed to exploring additional solutions, including sales tax reduction and other tools, to help provide financial relief to all Texans including renters and business owners who do not benefit from the homestead exemption. 

We will continue to work with all of our colleagues to find solutions for the issues facing everyday Texans including strengthening our economy, the power grid, our public schools and access to health care as well as equitable tax relief.


Opening Day is one week from this evening. Go get your gold gear.

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