As Predicted

I get it. Folks want to bi_ch and moan. Commentary gets it. It is not going to change a darn thing. The HISD takeover is happening. HISD has already surrendered by not appealing. The HISD Board of Trustees voted not to appeal. Game over.

Leah Binkovitz tweeted this:

If you’re wondering how TEA’s first community meeting is going…not well. They seem totally unprepared to respond to the anger and frustration in this room.

This is from the TEA website that I have posted a couple of times. Now for the third time:

The Texas Education Agency will host a series of community meetings to provide information regarding the board of managers process. Community members are invited to come and learn more and ask questions about the process.

The board of managers process.

TEA is not here to debate the community on why the takeover happened.

Commentary posted this yesterday:

I am pretty sure there will be more bi_ching, moaning, and hollering than learning.

I am sure the local media will be there in force this evening.

As predicted. Commentary was spot on. Thank you.

Here is from the Chron on last night’s meeting:

The first community meeting hosted by the Texas Education Agency to address questions from the Houston Independent School District community quickly devolved into an emotional, chaotic gathering punctuated by shouting that ultimately left many questions unanswered.

The meeting comes less than a week after the state agency announced plans to take over the largest school district in Texas in response to chronic low academic achievement at a Fifth Ward high school and prior school board mismanagement.

The state takeover announcement, which followed a years-long court battle, sparked outrage that carried over Tuesday night into a tense public meeting in the crowded Westbury High School auditorium.

Alejandro Delgado, deputy commissioner at the TEA, started the meeting with a presentation about the state-appointed board of managers.

It was soon interrupted by someone in the audience.

“We got questions,” the man said. “We want to know about our schools, our people, our communities.”

Others began shouting, too.

“Everybody here has questions,” one said.

“We don’t want to talk to you,” someone else said.

Delgado sped through the presentation with information about the application process, roles and responsibilities for the managers, who must live within the school district boundaries. The TEA has so far received 138 applications for the board of managers, Delgado said.

The question-and-answer session that followed the presentation was similarly loud, with people shouting their disapproval and telling officials not to skip any questions. A state representative appeared to be shuffling through note cards with questions that had been collected from the audience.

Here is the entire Chron read: HISD parents, community leaders square off with TEA at chaotic forum (

Three meetings to go.

The featured photo is from the Chron from last night’s meeting.


Today is National Goof Off Day. I won’t.


One of our Killer B’s is 57 today. Happy Birthday to Sean Berry!

The World Series gold gear went on sale at midnight last night. It is being called gold rush gear. Got it?

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