Dumb Moves

Dumb move number one.  HCC Trustees deciding not to extend Chancellor Cesar Maldonado’s contract for another year. Chancellor Maldonado is very popular among the H-Town Latino leadership.  Commentary is thinking that there will be payback for sure on this.

Chancellor Maldonado is the featured photo today.


Dumb move number two.  Remember when Commentary said this yesterday?

Meanwhile, the state of Texas is fixing to takeover HISD.

The H-Town Mayor confirmed what I said.

This is arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott doing another bully thing.  The GOP going after the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office is one thing. Taking over the state’s largest school district is another. 

Remember, GOP school board members will also be replaced.

This will be the biggest takeover in Texas history. I am thinking TEA doesn’t really have a plan. They are just being told by Gov. Abbott to do it.

Voters for sure are going to be upset.  If the local GOP had any hope of regaining some ground here in Harris County, that is out the window.

A very dumb move. It will certainly backfire on the GOP.

Today is Texas Independence Day.  Not an Independence Day at HISD.


Today is National Hospitalist Day.  I have certainly dealt with them the past couple or so years.

Today is also National Banana Cream Pie Day. Yummy.

My Beatles wall calendar for March has the four on the set of the filming of “A Hard Day’s Night” in 1964.


Folks know Commentary is not a big Spring Training guy. Same goes for the World Baseball Classic – WBC.  Opening Day is four weeks from today at The Yard.

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