Happy Birthday, Again!

Happy Birthday today to my niece and goddaughter Rachel Campos Estes!  Rachel has been an outstanding granddaughter to my Dad.  Happy Birthday, Rachel!

I know, I know, I wished her a happy birthday yesterday. Here is the deal. Rachel is a leap year baby, meaning she was born on February 29. Some February 29 born folks celebrate on February 28, and some on March 1.

Now you know.


We will know today who wins the food fight over at Hobby Airport. Unless the item is tagged by a city council member. Stay tuned!


The State of Texas is losing Fairfield Lake State Park under the watch of the GOP. The GOP made other stuff a priority.


Here is this from the Chron today:

Students in the Crosby Independent School District will  move to a four-day school week this fall, after trustees this week adopted a new instructional schedule the superintendent said was designed to combat a declining teacher workforce.

With the decision, a 4-3 vote, Crosby ISD becomes the largest school district in Texas, and first in Harris County, to adopt the shorter instructional week. Other districts in the area, like Tarkington ISD and Liberty ISD, have recently adopted a four-day schedule.

“Our ‘why’ is simple and straightforward. We want to find, recruit, and retain the best teachers in the state in the classrooms for our students,”  said Superintendent Paula Patterson. “This change immediately makes Crosby ISD a top destination for educators in Harris County.”

Good for Crosby ISD.

Meanwhile, the state of Texas is fixing to takeover HISD.


From the Whitmire for Mayor campaign:

John Whitmire announced today that former Houston Mayor Lee P.  Brown has endorsed him in his campaign for mayor of the City of Houston.

“As Houston’s first African-American police chief and mayor, I am proud to endorse Senator John Whitmire to be Houston’s next mayor,” said Former Mayor Brown. “He was always someone I could count on to help, whether it was my campaigns or during my tenure in office. Senator Whitmire has always fought for public safety and equality. I will be voting for Senator Whitmire for mayor and I ask all Houstonians to join me.”


The featured photo is Rachel in the center at my Dad’s funeral on Monday. She is surrounded by my nieces Vero and Linda and my sisters Sylvia and Aida. All but Sylvia have been partially cut out of the photo.

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