Family Time

We lost one of the better people I have ever known in politics and public service this past weekend. Former H-Town City Council Member Ada Edwards is no longer with us. She was the real deal. Articulate, thoughtful, caring, and sincere. She was a champion for sure.


Commentary is certainly not an expert on Middle East issues or Israeli politics, but I was glad to see this in the Daily Beast this morning:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to cancel controversial plans to overhaul his country’s judiciary after mass protests have rocked the country, according to reports. Netanyahu had been expected to make a televised speech Monday morning announcing that the planned legislative changes—which have plunged Israel into crisis—would be suspended, but the statement was then called off amid reports that his coalition government was on the brink of collapse. Israel’s Channel 12 News reported that Netanyahu is now “determined to stop the legislation” after meeting with the heads of his coalition. The expected move comes after Netanyahu’s decision to fire his defense minister, Yoav Gallant—who criticized the judicial overhaul—sparked outrage and condemnation in the U.S.


My family finally got together for a relaxing weekend. Commentary is talking about my sister Sylvia, my younger sister Aida and her hubby Bobby, my niece Rachel and her hubby Andy, my niece Linda, my niece Vero and her hubby David, and me. We have gotten together before the past few years, but always because of an ailing family member or funeral.

We went to Las Vegas. Most of us stayed at the Aria.  We ate at nice restaurants like Mastros, Bouchon, Sol, and Jean Georges. 

I had not been to Las Vegas since 2002. I finally got to see Love. It was spectacular. I was blown away. Incredible performers and performances. To those that have seen Love, you know what I am talking about. To those that have not, if you are ever in Vegas, it is a must-see event.

I picked up some gear at the Love gift shop.

We also went to see Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit.  I learned a ton.  Some of the artifacts had owners and we learned about the owner and in many cases, why they were traveling on the Titanic.

There was also a chunk of the hull which also happens to be the largest artifact that has been brought up.  There was clothes, dishware, pots, shoes, hats, and various parts of the ship. There is also a reconstructed replica of the grand staircase.    

There was a bit of info on the sailor who was on lookout for icebergs that evening as well as a timeline on when the iceberg hit the Titanic.

At the end of the exhibit there is a list of all the crew and passengers who were onboard, who survived, and who didn’t.

I am glad I saw the exhibit.

The featured photo is from the exhibit.

We did a lot of walking in Vegas. A lot.

It was great to have family time. Great.


Folks know Commentary doesn’t talk much about college sports. I am sure some local fans are down because they don’t get to drive down the street to see their Coogs or Horns this Saturday at NRG in the Final Four. I feel bad too, I bet on both of them.

Be nice to the fans who will visit H-Town from California, Connecticut, and Florida.


The Astros play in Sugar Land this evening, host the Space Cowboys at The Yard tomorrow, and Opening Day is Thursday, also at The Yard.

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