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We had been hearing for weeks that Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee was running for H-Town Mayor. She announced she was running this past Sunday.  Here is from the Chron today:

She is a prolific presence at political events, community gatherings and news conferences.

“I think that’s her stock in trade, in terms of being able to work the community and speak out on issues,” said Michael Adams, a professor of political science at Texas Southern University. “If you were to rank the order of Black elected officials in terms of visibility or electability, Sheila Jackson Lee is probably the most visible and recognizable member of Congress out of all of the congressional delegation in Harris County… She’s well- recognized.”

Familiarity in a partisan role, though, cuts both ways: Just as Jackson Lee has proven popular in her district, Houstonians outside its boundaries, especially those who do not share her political leanings, may know her only in a negative light. 

“She’s been out there for a long time,” Adams said. “Since she’s been an elected official for a lengthy time, she will have scar tissue; that comes with the territory.”

Charles Kuffner has a very good take on her entry into the race here: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is in for Mayor – Off the Kuff.

Let the fallout begin.


The HISD Board of Trustees voted 5-4 yesterday not to appeal the TEA takeover.  The appeal would have gone to TEA for another review. I don’t have a problem with the way any trustee voted on this.

A few weeks ago, they unanimously voted to end legal challenges.

Recently, TEA Commissioner Mike Morath met with the Harris County legislative delegation, and they didn’t change his mind.

Here is from the Chron:

In a close vote, Houston ISD board members decided late Monday to bypass its final appeal of Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath’s decision to takeover the district.

Earlier this month, the board overwhelmingly voted to end the lawsuit against the TEA. They still had the option to file an appeal to the state agency,  considered a last-ditch effort at preventing state intervention. These appeals hearings are not held in court but rather by a committee the commissioner selects and often do not go in the district’s favor. The board ultimately voted 5-4 against the measure. 

And this:

Trustee Judith Cruz agreed the district should not spend any more money on legal counsel regarding takeover issues. 

Others said they felt their chances of success with an appeal were too slim to pursue. 

“Whether we file an appeal or not, there is no changing in the outcome,” Board President Dani Hernandez said. “It’s time to make a smooth transition.”

There are a couple of more TEA meetings this week on the Board of Managers process.


The featured photo is from in front of the Love venue. I am with my niece Rachel.


Astro David Hensley is 27 today. Happy Birthday, David!

MLB returns to The Yard this evening.

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