Losing Altuve

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This is easily going to be the best read across America this week. The Trib has an article out this morning on the Uvalde mass shooting.  It turns out law enforcement didn’t want to rush the shooter because he had an AR-15. You know, the assault rifle that is legal to purchase.  I guess they were waiting for the National Guard to bring in a tank or something.

Law enforcement didn’t want to comment on the article.  Key leaders who are NRA bootlickers also didn’t want to comment. 

Here is the must read article: “He has a battle rifle”: Police feared Uvalde gunman’s AR-15 | The Texas Tribune.

Gutless cowards. Gutless GOP.


That hurts. In more ways than one. Commentary is talking about losing Jose Altuve because he got hit by a pitch Saturday night in the World Baseball Classic and has a broken right thumb. He will soon have surgery. He will be out for a couple of months or so. Opening Day is next week.


Donald Trump says he will be arrested tomorrow. Better late than never.  He has got his based riled up right now. He has got MAGA GOPers coming to his defense.

I will say this. If a major Democratic Party candidate for president was fixing to get indicted, I don’t think very many Democrats who are elected officials would be coming to her or his defense. Just saying.


A few more thoughts on the TEA takeover of HISD and the Board of Managers. I wonder if those thinking about applying for the Board of Managers saw this front page headline in the hard copy of the Chron yesterday:

State control rarely benefits students

I wonder if they read the story that includes this quote from a University of Pennsylvania professor who is an expert in takeovers:

“The argument for change is academic improvement, but the changes are political changes. This is likely to follow in the path of so many others that had aspirations for reform and ended up being disappointed.”

To some it can sound like a thankless job. Others may be thinking what the point is if the outcomes will remain the same. Still others might want to seize upon the challenge. 


Commentary attended a couple of events in Baytown Friday evening and Saturday morning related to my Ross Sterling High Rangers classmates. Close to 40 of us and some significant others were there.

Classmates came from places like Alabama, North Texas, College Station, the Piney Woods, East Texas, Friendswood, Deer Park, League City, Baytown, Liberty County, Lubbock, and H-Town.

Friday night we got together at a pretty cool venue off of North Main and Wallisville. The venue is owned by the brother of one of our classmates. He also attended Sterling. The only snafu was the caterer got their dates mixed up, so we had to make a last-minute switcheroo for another caterer.

Everyone was given a name tag with their photo from their senior year annual. I certainly didn’t look like I did back then.

A lot of 60s and 70s music was played, and folks danced to the tunes, including Commentary.

Saturday morning, we met at our classmate Scottie’s crib for grub, coffee, juice, and mimosas.

We talked about losing spouses, siblings, parents, and classmates.  What everyone is doing these days.  Who has how many grandkids. Who is traveling.

There were quite a few diehard Astros fans there.  Some wearing team gear, including Commentary.

We really didn’t talk a lot of politics. I did get the feeling that there weren’t many MAGA heads if any in attendance. Penny, the lead organizer of the gathering, told some of us that she was a liberal Democrat living in Deer Park, so she knows what she is up against.

One of my classmates retired a few years ago from the Harris County Tax Assessor Collectors Office and she started working there under Carl Smith.

Classmate John is a wood carver, and he brought some of his artwork. Wow! Wow! What an artist.

I enjoyed it. A lot of cool classmates. We had such a good time that folks are planning a get together for next year.


Now that Altuve is out, I wonder who will bat leadoff.

You need to check out the video that was released by the team over the weekend. It is about getting the gold.  The video is well done and makes you proud you are an Astros fan. The gold gear will be available at the Team Store on Wednesday.

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