More on the TEA takeover of HISD.  This is from the Chron today:

State Rep. Harold Dutton stood by himself on Thursday afternoon. 

The room was almost empty for the Houston Democrat’s news conference in support of the state’s takeover of the Houston Independent School District, where he addressed just a few reporters and members of his own staff for about an hour. It was a sharp contrast to Wednesday, when the House Democratic Caucus and the Legislative Black Caucus held a packed briefing decrying the move as a frontal assault from Gov. Greg Abbott on the state’s public education system.

Dutton — never afraid to buck his own party — authored the legislation that caused the takeover to move forward in the first place, a 2015 bill saying the state would take over school districts with a single failing school for five consecutive years. He is also a graduate of Wheatley High School, the campus whose failure triggered the takeover, and he steadfastly defended the state’s takeover of its largest school district.

“Somebody asked me and said ‘Well, all of these people are against this idea and you seem to be the only one for it,’ ” Dutton said. “I said, ‘Well, maybe that’s the case, but I remember something my mother told me: that sometimes, right, you will have to stand by yourself. That you won’t be able to stand with a group. So today I stand by myself in hopes that somehow we can change the dynamics of these kids that I know need all the help they can get.”

Here is the entire Chron read: Houston rep Harold Dutton cheers on HISD takeover he helped spur (

He is not backing down or backing away. Say what you want about Rep. Dutton. Go on ahead and vilify him. He keeps getting reelected by his Democratic Party primary voters. Harris County activist Democrats certainly have visited his House District 142. That is where the Harris County Democratic Party has its headquarters on Lyons Avenue.  Maybe you have spent time along Clinton Drive at some of those new eateries and bars.  Or like Commentary, drive on the North Loop East on occasion. Aside from this, have you really spent time in House District 142. Just saying.


Arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott showed folks his March Madness bracket a couple of days ago and has Alabama over UH in the championship game.  If Judge Lina Hidalgo picked Alabama over the Coogs, the local GOP would be in full meltdown mode.

When I heard that 15th seed Princeton had taken down number 2 seed Arizona yesterday, I first thought of Savannah Guthrie from “Today.” She went to Arizona had had her Wildcats picked to win it all. Oh, well. 

That is why I don’t do brackets.

The featured photo has Savannah, Hoda Kotb, and Craig Melvin in St. Patrick’s gear this morning.


The Catholic Church can be lame at times. Like today. Since it is St. Patrick’s Day, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo says Catholics can eat meat today. He is giving Catholics a pass on this Lenten Friday. Come on!  I have fish on my menu today. Folks can go get a Fish Filet sandwich, order a fried seafood platter, fish and chips, fish tacos, or go to a crawfish boil. There are also several Catholic Churches who hold a fish fry on Fridays during Lent. This is so lame.


Commentary is headed to Baytown this evening for a reunion of sorts with my Ross Sterling High Rangers classmates. I think 30 of us are getting together.

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