Corey Number 9

The Bayou Blue Democrats had an H-Town mayoral candidate forum last night. SJL and The Dean could not attend. There were a bunch of lightning round type questions at the beginning like favorite stuff and favorite people. During the forum, Gilbert Garcia thought he could score points by taking a shot at former and late mayor Bob Lanier over moving Metro money to the city to pay for more police on patrol. That is what Lanier campaigned on in 1991 and that is what the voters supported. Just wait until Elyse Lanier finds out.


When you go to the HISD website and hit the Board tab, at the top of the list on the Board page is Board of Managers. Oh, well.

Here is from a recent Channel 11 story on the TEA breakdown of those that applied for the Board of Managers:

The agency also broke down the percentage of applicants by race:

  • 40% of applicants are African American
  • 33% of applicants are white
  • 10% of applicants are Hispanic
  • 5% of applicants are Asian
  • 12% of applicants said they were a race other than those listed above

Local Latino leaders said they’re concerned by the low percentage of Hispanic applicants despite having a Hispanic student population of 62% in the district.

“Latinos are not as unified in the position whether or not TEA should take over and I think you have several political representatives how have supported the effort,” said David Contreras with the League of United Latin American Citizens.

Contreras also said communication issues have also impacted the number of Hispanic applicants.

“We haven’t gotten the word out to the community. We have not done a good job,” he said.

At least LULAC admits that they didn’t do a good job of recruiting Latinas and Latinos to apply.


Yesterday was Julia Morales’s birthday.  Here is from the Chron today:

Julia Morales didn’t get to celebrate her birthday at home Wednesday as she spent the afternoon in her role as an AT&T SportsNet field reporter during the Astros game in Pittsburgh, but the Pirates staff did help her enjoy her day at PNC Park.

As she was doing a live read in the top of the sixth inning of the Astros’ 7-0 win, a Pirates staff member delivered her a slice of birthday cake — vanilla with a raspberry filling — complete with a lit candle.

The hot mic even caught the staffer giving Morales the warning as he passed down the cake-filled plate and a plastic fork, “The candle IS LIT.”

Morales’ spot near the Astros dugout is usually visible to the crowd, so it’s not out of the ordinary for Astros fans to occasionally drop off something from the concession stand for her, but the Pirates went above and beyond with the cake as well as a PNC Park special: Pickle Curds, which is a basket of fried cheese curds topped with sweet pickles and dill ranch.

“I’m so happy,” Morales said after the special delivery. “Fried pickled cheese curds and a cake. Good pairing.”

Good for Julia.

Former Astro Hunter Pence is 40 today. Happy Birthday, Hunter!

Hunter wore the number 9 as an Astro.

Rookie Corey Julks now wears the number 9 and Corey had his first MLB career dinger yesterday at PNC. Nice.

The featured photo has Corey circling the bases after his dinger yesterday.

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