Rangers Weekend

Sigh. This is an online headline in the Chron today:

Daniel Perry, convicted of murder, wrote of wanting to kill protesters, Muslims, Black people, new court docs show

This is how the article starts:

Daniel Perry, who was recently convicted of murdering a Black Lives Matter protester and is making national headlines in the wake of Gov. Greg Abbott saying he wants to pardon him, sent private messages for years containing racist memes and defending the killing of protesters and Muslims, a newly unsealed set of court documents shows.

The 76 pages filed by Travis County prosecutors also reveal messages dating back years in which Perry, an Army sergeant, talked about killing people — several times referencing a desire to kill Muslims.

Gov. Greg Abbott wants to pardon this racist murderer. What the hell is wrong with our arsehole, MFer governor?  The dude, Abbott, is one sicko for sure.


This is in the Chron today:

The TEA has re-opened the window for board of manager applications until April 20 after receiving 374 applicants in the first round, (TEA’s Steve) Lecholop said. 

Why? Oh, well.


This does not surprise me. See this from the Chron:

As players adjust to the faster pace of play due to Major League Baseball’s new pitch clock, the Astros also are making a change at Minute Maid Park because of shorter games.

Starting with the six-game homestand against the Rangers and Blue Jays, which begins Friday, Minute Maid Park will keep “about 40 percent” of its beer and concession stands open though the end of games, according to the team. Seat vendors still will cease operations at the end of the seventh inning. The Astros also will cut off alcohol sales if a game reaches the four-hour mark or “at building management discretion,” according to the club.

New rules have resulted in a much quicker pace of play with games lasting an average of 2 hours, 31 minutes through the first two weeks of the season, down 26 minutes from 2022. Only four of the Astros’ 13 games this season have lasted longer than 2:51. By contrast, 17 of the Astros’ first 18 games last season went longer with 14 of those going past three hours.

As of yesterday, the Brewers, Diamondbacks, Rangers, and Twins were selling booze beyond the seventh inning.


Former Astro Brad Ausmus is 54 today. Happy Birthday, Brad Ausmus!

The Texas Rangers spent a lot of dough in the off season to make their team better. Maybe someday they will truly be our rivals. Not yet though.

The Rangers are in town this weekend. The series includes a 6 pm ESPN Sunday night game.  There ought to be a lot of Rangers fans in town. We will see.

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