Draft Day 2

GOP State Rep. Briscoe Cain tweeted this last night:

Late night but I’m laying out Senate Bill 1750 in the House Committee on Elections to eliminate the Elections Administrator position in Harris County. The people who run our elections should be accountable to voters.

What an idiot.  The Harris County Elections Commission, all elected by the voters, selects the Elections Administrator. What an idiot. This fella is a moron.

Trust me. It is not going to change how we are running elections in Harris County. What a moron.

History will look back at what is going on in the Texas Legislature during this period and not be kind to the GOP’s efforts to eliminate local control.


This is interesting. See this from the Chron:

Harris Health board members on Thursday unanimously agreed to move forward with a $2.5 billion bond proposal to build a new Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital and make what they say are sorely needed upgrades throughout the county’s public health care system, which treats the region’s poor and uninsured. 

The board next will seek approval from Harris County commissioners, who will have the final say on the bond amount and whether the proposal will be placed on the November ballot. The proposed bond would finance the project over 10 years, with an additional $300 million in county funds and $100 million in grants and philanthropy. 

And this:

As proposed, the bond would raise property tax bills for the average homeowner (homes valued at $300,000) by fewer than $6 per month, and homeowners would not have to pay that full amount until the entire bond has been financed a decade from now. 

With anticipated increases in population and home appraisal values, Harris Health officials said they do not expect any other effect on the property tax rate. According to Harris Health’s analysis, its portion of the tax rate has increased by only 1 percent since 1999, maintaining a significantly lower rate than hospital districts in El Paso, Dallas and Bexar counties.  

Here is the entire read: Harris Health approves bond proposal to build new LBJ hospital (houstonchronicle.com)

$2.5 billion is a lot of money. We need it. I wonder if this will turn out to be a polarizing issue if it gets on the ballot. Some folks in these parts don’t give a rat’s arse about footing the bill for healthcare for poor folks. Stay tuned for sure.


If you are an H-Town sports fan and were watching the NFL draft last night, you were probably shocked to see us land the third overall draft pick. I have to hand it to the folks over at NRG. They are anxious to be relevant during the upcoming football season.

Let’s hope C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson Jr. become household names in the H-Town area.

I don’t follow football like I follow the Astros, but still, last night was exciting.  We got us a two and a three. Nice.

On to Draft Day 2.


It is the 2022 World Series rematch at The Yard this weekend. The Phillies are in town for three including an ESPN Sunday night game. Oh yeah, we are also tied for first in the AL West.

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