This tweet was posted yesterday is from a big honcho at Texas Monthly:

referring to a murdered family as “5 illegal immigrants” is disgusting. it takes a lot to shock my conscience after covering texas for so long, but this did it. just a middle finger to basic decency, and the dignity of five humans who were killed for no reason, from the governor…

Abbott is a despicable and horrible human being. You already knew that.

The Chron has a lengthy story on the murders today and there is no mention of their immigration status.


If you live in H-Town, you have probably seen the news coverage lately of these gargantuan utility poles that are springing up in front of houses on right-of-way in neighborhoods. See the featured photo. Montrose is the latest victim.

Utility companies like CenterPoint can legally do this. There is nothing you can do about it. Nada.

I wonder if I have to worry about one of those poles going up close to my house.  Is there enough right-of-way? That is not what I call being neighborly.

I sure hope they can withstand hurricane force winds. I wonder if folks can spruce them up with artwork.


The Chron hard copy gave Mattress Mack a lot of ink yesterday. They even listed his political contribution history. Last year’s GOP candidate for Harris County Judge, Alex Mealer, is the top recipient of Mr. Mack’s political contributions. $877,000.

You can check out all of Mr. Mack’s contribution here: Mattress Mack’s political donations include Alex Mealer and Ted Cruz (


The Board of Managers applicant list was narrowed down by the applicants who eliminated themselves. Check this from the Chron:

Fewer than half of the people who applied for the Houston ISD board of managers completed a weekend governance training required to move forward in the application process, according to the Texas Education Agency. 

The agency said 225 people completed a mandatory two-day Lone Star Governance training that took place over the past two weekends. Those applicants are eligible to advance to the next phase of interviews, while those who did not attend the training, left early or skipped the second day have been eliminated from the process. 

Here is the entire read: TEA: Half of the applicants for HISD board of managers now eliminated (

In case you are counting, that’s 216 who won’t make the cut. TEA Commissioner Mike Morath has 31 days to decide.


This is how an election ought to be run. Goose Creek CISD is having school board races, and this is from the Baytown Sun from this past weekend.:

Amid early voting for the Goose Creek CISD board race, there have been some reports of voter confusion, particularly in District 3.

Some report that although they live in Precinct 825, they are being told they are not eligible to vote in the District 3 race. Two candidates are vying for District 3 in the Goose Creek race – Darrell Banks and James Campisi. 

Clifford Tatum, Harris County Elections administrator, explained what is happening. 

“Precinct 825 crosses over several districts and Goose Creek and there are a number of voters that are in that precinct that are not in the district that is on the ballot,” Tatum said. “They are showing up and thinking they should have the opportunity to vote, but they are not actually in the district that is voting.”

Tatum said he communicated this information to the Harris County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth’s office, local election judge Luis Rodriguez and the alternate judge. 

“If someone shows up and truly believes that they should be on the roster to vote, then the judges are instructed to call down to the voter’s registration office to make sure that person is eligible,” Tatum said. “Should they have gotten a ballot and we can see if they should or should not have? If they still just want to vote on the ballot, we can give them a provisional ballot. But that is what is taking place in Goose Creek right now.”

Tatum said he communicated what was happening to all entities early Friday morning. 

“We want to make sure that whenever a voter shows up, they know what to do,” Tatum said. 

Kristyn Cathey, Goose Creek CISD director of communications, reiterated Tatum’s explanation, saying Precinct 825 is in three different districts: 3, 4 and 5. 

“Four and five can’t vote,” Cathey said. 

Cathey said they could vote in a Municipal Utility District. 

“But if they aren’t in District 3, they can’t vote for the GCCISD board,” she said. 

Luis Rodriguez is a close family friend. My sister Sylvia is working the Early Voting location with Luis.

Nice job.


Folks know Commentary watches Channel 2 news before Today.  A few weeks ago, Channel 2 traffic reporter Anavid Reyes left the program. This morning, Channel 2 introduced us to new traffic reporter Justina Latimer.  Welcome to H-Town’s traffic, Justina!


My Beatles wall calendar for the month of May has the four playing at a concert in 1964 with George, John and Paul singing into and sharing one microphone and Ringo playing the drums.


Astro starting pitcher José Urquidy is 28 today. Happy Birthday, José!

José got the win last night but had to leave the game in the sixth inning with a dinged-up shoulder.

If you were watching the game on ESPN last night, you saw this. Here is from

The ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcast has been putting mics on players and interviewing them live during games, which is not only a fun way for viewers to get more into the game—but it can also lead to some pretty funny moments. 

That happened in the Philadelphia-Houston game Sunday night when Phillies left fielder Kyle Schwarber was talking with the booth during the bottom of the second inning. A fly ball was hit Schwarber’s way while he was chatting, and he tried to make a play on it but things did not go well at all. 

David Hensley hit a fly ball that both Schwarber and center fielder Brandon Marsh went after. The ball went in and out of Marsh’s glove. Hensley got a double and ended up scoring later in the inning.

The Giants are in town for three starting this evening.

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