It is Dominion v Fox today and you know who I am rooting for.


On “What’s Your Point” yesterday, the Texas Breitbart and Urban Reform fellas kind of stammered when asked to explain Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s ethics issues. Thomas is a sleazeball for sure.


The SJL campaign said they would not livestream her announcement speech Friday evening. Channel 2 did.

It looked like a couple of hundred or so folks showed up in Downtown H-Town.

Here is this from the Chron:

Jackson Lee said the city and Metro would continue building out its rail system, including a promise to bring rail to both Hobby and Bush Intercontinental airports.

And this:

At times, Jackson Lee also made broader promises that extend beyond City Hall: to make Houston a destination city, to bring back a professional women’s basketball team and to make Houston a hub for the entertainment industry.

I kind of have mixed thoughts about building rail lines to Hobby and IAH.  With our kind of rail, it would take forever to get to the airports. I don’t know if folks would take it. Well, maybe for a buck fifty they would.

On bringing the WNBA back to H-Town, I don’t think that issue moves very many voters. Well, we will see, so stay tuned.


One of my favorites in 51 today. Happy Birthday, Jennifer Garner. She was born in H-Town. The featured photo today is Jennifer visiting State Sen. Carol Alvarado at the state capitol a week or so ago.

I like Jennifer in “The Kingdom,” “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Draft Day,” and “Peppermint.”


I went to The Yard yesterday and Saturday. We won Saturday and lost yesterday.

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