Green Bin Problem

My green bin was scheduled to be picked up last Thursday. It is still out there this morning – Tuesday.  Sadly, it has become the norm.  I just saw this on the City’s Solid Waste webpage:

Thursday, July 6, 2023
Thursday’s garbage, yard waste, and 1st Thursday’s Tree Waste collections will be serviced. Thursday’s B-week recycling will be serviced on your next scheduled collection day, Thursday, July 20.

I don’t understand how one holiday day off can push our collection back for two weeks. Something isn’t right over at Solid Waste. They need to do a better job of communicating with us. Hopefully, the next administration will figure this out.  It should not be that hard.


The Oak Forest Area Democrats had their endorsement meeting last night. In the race for H-Town Mayor, State Sen. John Whitmire and Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee received a dual endorsement.

Go to their Facebook page to see who else they endorsed.


Yesterday, one of the hosts on MSNBC asked a talking head why the Democratic controlled U.S. Senate wasn’t investigating Jared Kushner for taking $2 billion from the Saudis like the GOP controlled U.S. House was investigating Hunter Biden.

Let me answer the question. Kushner would probably crybaby himself to death.  I will give Hunter Biden credit for hanging tough.


Baseball writer Pete Abraham tweeted this last night from the MLB All Star game festivities in Seattle:

They’re introducing the team mascots before the HR Derby. Orbit of the Astros was booed.

Which reminded me. I saw an Astros fan Saturday night at The Yard with a t-shirt that said Make America Mad Again printed around the Astros logo. I need one.


I got home too late to watch the beginning of the Dinger Derby. A total of 341 dingers were hit.  Blue Jay Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was the winner. Toward the end, the finalists, Guerrero Jr. and Ray Randy Arozarena were visibly exhausted. Hey, but the fans enjoyed it.

For those who want to know. There is a stat for all time career dingers in the Dinger Derby and here are the Top 10:

1. Pete Alonso, 195
2. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 163
3. Julio Rodríguez, 142
4. Albert Pujols, 106
t5. Joc Pederson, 99
t5. Juan Soto, 99
7. Todd Frazier, 91
8. Giancarlo Stanton, 83
9. Randy Arozarena, 82
10. Prince Fielder, 81

The Astros are hosting an MLB All Star game watch party at The Yard this evening.  I plan to drop by to have a hot dog or two.

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