Stand with Paxton PAC

About three weeks ago, Stand with Paxton PAC was filed with the Texas Ethics Commission. I don’t know if this is for legal defense purposes or to wage a campaign against GOP Texas State Senators. We should be able to see who is contributing when their first report is filed on Monday. They have an H-Town address. Stay tuned for sure.


Commentary is glad to see this in the Chron today:

city plan to make Houstonians pay for street parking after 6 p.m. has been ditched after it received mixed reactions from residents.

And this:

Like most changes to parking-related rules, this proposal also has sparked a lively debate. Some observers were hopeful it would be a way to free up downtown space and boost ride-share use. But others objected to the change, worrying that losing free evening parking would complicate trips to places like Toyota Center or Minute Maid Park.

Here is the entire read: Houston free parking proposal scrapped after mixed reactions (

I am glad they came to their senses. Why mess with a good thing.  This was always just a money grab. It never had anything to do with efficiency.


I will say it again. I watched the MLB All Star game last night and I am old school. I prefer that players wear their regular uniforms. I don’t like those drab green duds they were wearing last night. I want to see the Astros blue and orange, the Yankee pin stripes, the Dodger blue, and the Orioles orange and black.  MLB just wants you to buy the Yordan Alvarez green All Star game jersey, just saying.

I did like that they finally put a mic on a pitcher. This time it was Josh Hader of the Padres. Cool.

I stopped by the All Star game watch party at The Yard last night and had a hot dog and nachos. A couple or so hundred fans were there.

MLB resumes play this Friday.

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