Nothing Compares

I watched it live. Commentary is talking about Sinéad O’Connor on Saturday Night Live in 1992 when she tore up the photo of the Pope. I was like what is up with that. I was not upset, rather curious. I later found out why and I respected her. 

Nothing compared to her for sure. She left us way too soon.

I never saw her in concert.


I wonder if the Death Star law will challenge the following from the Chron today:

For the past 18 months, a dedicated group of residents from Missouri City’s Vicksburg subdivision has been working to replace street names honoring the Confederacy with alternatives that promote inclusivity and harmony.

Most recently, Bedford Forrest will be renamed Liberty Way, a change now approved by the Missouri City Council. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Confederate general in the Civil War and the first grand wizard of the original Ku Klux Klan.

“I’m so proud of the residents in this community, who decided to successfully rally together to finally change some of the long-standing offensive Confederate streets,” said Missouri City Councilman Jeffrey Boney, whose district includes the Vicksburg subdivision.

Here is the entire read: Missouri City changes street named for founding KKK leader (

Go, Missouri City!


My hometown of Baytown is in the news for the wrong reason today. See this from the Chron:

After attending a drag show in downtown Houston, two longtime Baytown teachers were fired from their jobs at a Christian school.

Kristi Maris took to social media Monday to say she had been fired from her job of nearly 20 years at First Baptist Academy for attending a drag show at Hamburger Mary’s. She included a photo of herself and a coworker posing with three drag queens. 

Maris attended the show with a coworker and her daughters earlier this month. The next day, she posted photos and videos of the show on Facebook, saying she had a blast. 

News of her attendance at the show “spread like wildfire” in the church-affiliated school before she received news she had been terminated, according to a subsequent social media post. 

“They told me because I went to this show and posted a picture I wasn’t walking in a Godly manner,” Maris wrote. 

Her coworker, who has not been named, also was fired, according to the Houston Chronicle’s reporting partner, KTRK-TV ABC 13, which first reported the story.

The school’s senior pastor told the TV station Maris was fired for allegedly violating a clause listed in the school’s operating policies manual that said: “I will act in a godly and moral fashion at work, on Facebook and in my community.”

Got it? Going to a drag show is ungodly. Got it!

Firing her is ungodly in my book.


We took a beating last night and are back to two down. We have the day off today.

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