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Since I am still isolated and can’t go to the store, I ordered three items from Kroger yesterday to be delivered. Advil, orange juice, and donuts. They contacted me and asked for my ok on an orange juice type substitution and a donuts type substitution. I said OK to both because I was still going to get OJ and glazed donuts.  Kroger delivered Advil, OJ, and salsa. They eventually came back over with the donuts.


The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, is dropping out of the GOP presidential campaign. I had already forgotten that he was even in the race.


From the odd man out department, see this from the Chron:

Elections Administrator Cliff Tatum will not be involved in Harris County elections operations after Friday, as he will not be hired by the county clerk’s or tax assessor-collector’s offices as part of a massive reorganization.

Harris County’s elections operations will transfer Friday to Harris County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth and Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Ann Harris Bennett. The county is undergoing a reorganization of elections administration duties ahead of the November election as a new state law that abolished the Elections Administrators office goes into effect on Sept. 1.

Hudspeth and Bennett will take over less than two months before early voting begins on Oct. 23.

“One thing we are not doing is impeding upon the processes that are already in place,” Hudspeth said Tuesday. “There’s an election plan that’s been working.”

Commissioners Court is expected Tuesday to approve a measure splitting up the elections office staff. They will transfer 131 positions to the county clerk’s office and another 39 positions to the tax assessor-collector’s office, according to the agenda.

“We’re absorbing every single last employee of the elections administrators office,” Hudspeth said.

However, Hudspeth confirmed Tatum would not be moving over to her office.

“I will not be hiring Mr. Tatum in the county clerk’s office,” Hudspeth said.

Wendy Caesar, chief deputy at the Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office, confirmed their office would not be hiring Tatum, either.

Tatum was the fifth person in five years to run Harris County elections, a level of inconsistency matched by few offices other than the Texas Secretary of State, which oversees elections statewide and also has had five people in charge in the past five years.

Here is the entire read: Harris County Elections Administrator not staying on for transition (houstonchronicle.com).

Folks know how Commentary feels about all of this. I trust the County Clerk and the Tax Assessor-Collector to do a good job in running our elections. I prefer that those running our elections do just that. Run the elections. I don’t want the person running our elections overexposing themselves on the flatscreen like the fella we had during the pandemic.  We have let ourselves get off course for the last few years. Just run the elections. Time to move on and get the mail ballots out on time, please.


The Astros have been playing in the AL West since the 2013 season.  This is our 11th season in the AL West. I can’t recall that there ever was a three-way tie for first in late August.  There is today.

We wrap up our visit to Fenway this afternoon.

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