Commentary is still isolated. I have not had a fever in a few days. I still have the sniffles. I have an appetite. I am not tired or achy. I have not decided if I will self-test today. It still is a drag.

Here is from today’s Chron:

A new COVID variant is turning heads as Houston grapples with an ongoing wave. Meanwhile, the release of an updated vaccine is still weeks away. 

And this:

Is Houston still in a COVID wave? How bad is it? 

Yes. The viral load in Houston’s wastewater is 375 percent of the baseline set in July 2020 — a nearly six-fold increase since late June and the highest level since January. Infection levels appear to be tapering off at many of the city’s 31 wastewater treatment plants, with 18 plants showing a decreasing or unchanged viral load compared to the previous week. 

Here is the entire read: Another Houston COVID wave? BA.2.86 variant, boosters, what comes next (


Commentary is not going to say much about GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell freezing up again. He is 81. He ought to know what is going on.  If he doesn’t know what is going on, someone close to him should let him know. It’s too bad.


My family went to see Lionel Ritchie in Austin a couple of nights ago. They texted me a sing-along when he sang “We are the World.” That is cool.


A week or so ago, I said we were not playing well.  Now we are playing a lot better. We won five in a row on the road and swept three at Fenway.  We are tied for first and the Yankees visit us at The Yard for a weekend series.

27 games remain on the schedule. It is going to be an exciting month for baseball. Let’s keep winning. The featured photo is the 2022 Championship lid.

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