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The Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus will hold their endorsement meeting tomorrow.  Commentary will be there.


The featured photo is of the new officers of the Harris County Tejano Democrats being sworn-in at their meeting last night. Judge Julia Maldonado had the swearing-in honors. The meeting was held at the Castillo Center in Near Northside. HC Tejanos announced that’s this year’s Roast and Toast that was to feature Judge Lina Hidalgo as the honorary roastee has been cancelled for obvious reasons. The group also announced that the screening and endorsement process for the November elections would soon be underway. Stay tuned!


From the fuc_ing idiot department. The Chron has a story today on who GOP voters will support in the H-Town Mayoral race. State Sen. John Whitmire gets some ink in the piece. Here is from the article:

In a statement, James Sonneman, Jackson Lee’s campaign manager, blasted Whitmire for his GOP support.

“John Whitmire is one of Greg Abbott’s and Dan Patrick’s favorites in Austin,” Sonneman said. “He has helped them fast-track bills that undermine public education, civil rights, and the voting rights of Houstonians. So, it is no surprise that MAGA voters are his base in this race.”

Here is the entire read: Houston mayoral race: Democrat Whitmire leans into GOP support (

I certainly don’t have anything against SJL. She is entitled to hire fuc_ing idiots to manage her campaign.  If you do good opposition research on The Dean, that is not the stuff you are going to find. Well at least we know their line of attack.


Let me give this idiot a bit of info. Sec. 21.06 of the Texas Penal Code codifies homosexual behavior as a misdemeanor. In 1993, 30 years ago, Sen. Whitmire led the effort to make major changes to the penal code. Sen. Whitmire got his senate colleagues to strike the Sec. 21.06 language. Unfortunately, the Texas House wouldn’t go along. It stayed on the books.  The U.S. Supreme Court struck it down 10 years later, but it is still on the books.



The HISD Superintendent didn’t get the authority to make purchases of up to $2 million without the approval of the Board of Manager. He got half of what he wanted.

See this from the Chron:

Under one of the approved policy changes, the superintendent can now make purchases of up to $1 million without board approval after board members raised the limit from $100,000. The district had initially proposed a limit of $2 million but halved the threshold before the meeting.

“Sometimes we have to move fairly quickly because some of the contracts that approach us are time sensitive, and we’ll be transparent about that, of course,” Miles told the board members. “We’re a big district so even the curriculum that we spend is a lot of money. It’s over $1 million … Transparency yes, but efficiency also.”

Miles said there would still be checks and balances on the district’s expenditures, including an internal and external audit. Before approving the policy, board member Rolando Martinez proposed an amendment to require the superintendent to produce quarterly board reports of purchases between $250,000 to $1 million, which the board adopted.

Here is the entire Chron read: HISD board removes some limits on superintendent’s decision-making (


Julia Morales has a short video on TikTok filmed at the White House on Monday where she asked the players and other Astros personnel which Astro would make a good president. Justin Verlander, Jake Myers, Hunter Brown, and Hector Neris are mentioned. Go check it out.

We went 4-3 on the road against the Yankees who still have a shot at the playoffs, and the Orioles, who own the second-best record in MLB. We have 46 games left to play and have the 6th best record in MLB. 25 at the Yard and 21 roadies. We are 2 ½ games behind in the AL West. The Angels are at The Yard for a three-game weekend series.

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