Let’s see. A few months ago, the GOP haters – those who hate President Joe Biden – wanted a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. On Friday the Attorney General named a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden and the GOP haters are livid. Go figure.

Folks know how Commentary feels about the Hunter Biden mess.


The punditry class now focuses on Georgia. A peachy indictment so to speak is expected. I am predicting that this one is going to get nasty. It is an African American District Attorney, so we know the racists are going to come out in force. 

Donald Trump is certainly getting what he deserves. It is way overdue, and we all know it.


The featured photo is from yesterday’s hard copy of the Chron. I mentioned the story last week. 

At Saturday’s Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus endorsement meeting, opponents of State Sen. John Whitmire spewed a few lies. I guess you can get away with that in that setting. We didn’t get the endorsement. At least we know what is coming.  Oh, well.


Someone who I work closely with has not been able to connect with me by phone the past couple of weeks. Turns out I had accidentally blocked him. I have no idea how that happened.


We won two out of three this weekend and now play three in Miami starting this evening.

Jose Altuve now has 1,993 career base hits. 7 away from 2,000. 291 MLBers have reached 2,000 or more base hits. Does Altuve reach 2,000 in Miami or this weekend against the Mariners.  Does he reach number 2,000 with a single, double, triple, or dinger.

Stay tuned!

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