RNC 2028

It is hot out there.  I am reminded by these lyrics by Paul Simon from “The Only Living Boy In New York.”

I get the news I need on the weather report
Oh, I can gather all the news I need on the weather report.

Seems like it.

The City of H-Town is imposing water restrictions. I guess that is a good thing. None of my neighbors go crazy with watering their lawn.  I don’t water my lawn and it shows. Ouch.


For those who care, the Republican National Committee will announce this morning their 2028 Republican National Convention location. H-Town is in the running. I wonder what the GOP will look like in 2028.

Commentary had on the flat screen yesterday evening Donald Trump landing in The ATL then going by motorcade to the jail for his booking.  Why do they have so many cars in his motorcade? 

Trump is selling t-shirts with his mugshot that says, “never surrender.” The Chron hard copy front page headline this morning says, “Trump surrenders at Georgia jail.”

Keep supporting this loser, GOP.


The City of H-Town City Secretary will hold a drawing this morning for candidate ballot placement for all the city races in the November elections.


Grae Kessinger is 26 today. Happy Birthday, Grae!

We got clobbered yesterday. Our run differential certainly took a hit. The way we are playing, I don’t even know if we will make the playoffs. We are in Detroit for three this weekend.

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