Going Negative

State Sen. John Whitmire is the top target in this year’s mayoral race.

It is September 12, six weeks before early voting in person in the H-Town city elections, and two mayoral candidates are going negative, with a third fixing to go negative.

Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee’s campaign has an ad out attacking State Sen. John Whitmire. Lee Kaplan has an ad out attacking Jackson Lee and Whitmire. Gilbert Garcia will be on the air in the next week or so with an ad attacking Jackson Lee and Whitmire. 

Here is from the Chron:

“I wanted to first introduce myself to more people, and now that I have gotten well underway on that, I think it’s appropriate to draw a contrast with the other candidates,” Kaplan said to the Chronicle.

In a departure from his rivals, Whitmire’s debut ad last week centered on his personal story, highlighting challenges from his childhood, including growing up in a rural home without running water. 

And this:

Garcia, having personally contributed $3.1 million to his own campaign, vowed to increase his spending during the race’s final stages. This includes rolling out an ad campaign within the next two weeks, he said, to underscore the distinctions between his candidacy and both Jackson Lee and Whitmire, whom he labels as the “political class.”

“I’m going to have one of the biggest TV buys, one of the biggest door-knocking campaigns that the city has ever had,” Garcia said. “You’re going to see me get very aggressive.”

Here is the entire Chron article: Houston mayoral attack ads signal the time for pleasantries is over (houstonchronicle.com).

I guess it is kind of obvious that Whitmire is the top candidate if he is getting hit from all sides. I will say that the Whitmire ad is the best one out there. Stay tuned for sure.


At the impeachment trial yesterday, we learned about arsehole crooked GOP AG Ken Paxton’s extramarital affair.  Ouch.


The Chron E-Board today endorsed two constitutional amendments. Proposition 4 dealing with the homestead exemption and Proposition 9 dealing with the teacher retirement fund.


The Oakland A’s have one of the worst records in MLB. They shut us out last night. Go figure.

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