Latinos Landing

It has been 22 years since September 11, 2001.  Just remember. 


The Houston Landing has a story today on Latino politics in H-Town.  State Sen. Carol Alvarado, Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia, former H-Town Mayor Annise Parker, former H-Town City Council member Orlando Sanchez, political consultant Robert Jara, and Commentary are some that are quoted in the story.

Check it out here: Why hasn’t Houston ever elected a Latino mayor? (


It looks like the impeachment trial will be over this week. There will not be any more days off.  It could go to the Court of Impeachment jury this Thursday or Friday.


19-year-old Coco Gauff won the U.S. Open singles tennis title this past Saturday. She said this afterwards:

“Honestly, thank you the people who didn’t believe in me. A month ago, I won a 500 title, and people said I would stop at that. Two weeks ago, I won a 1000 title, and people were saying that was as big as it was going to get. So three weeks later I’m here with this trophy now. I tried my best to carry this with grace. Those who thought you were putting water on my fire were really adding gas to it, and now I’m really burning so bright.”

Some folks were critical of what she said. I don’t have a problem with what she said. She won.


Commentary had to work yesterday, so I didn’t watch the Texans. I really don’t have much to say about the football game yesterday. 

I did manage to check out my iphone gizmo and get updates on the Astros.  Kyle Tucker had two triples in the same inning yesterday. A rare feat indeed.  We won 12-2. There are 18 games left to play. 9 at The Yard and 9 roadies.  The A’s are in for three. We have a 2 ½ game lead.

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