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Emily Foxhall from the Trib tweeted this from TribFest on Friday:

(Evan) Smith tries to get (Mayor Sylvester) Turner to say who he supports next for mayor. Turner says only that he’ll share his view on it at some point. Turner says he won’t run for office in 2024. “Are you done forever or just done for now?” Smith asks. “I’m done for now,” Turner says.

When was the last time a former H-Town mayor went on to a higher political office. Let me know when you find the answer.


The Chron E-Board started endorsing candidates for H-Town city council today. Martina Lemond Dixon got the nod for City Council, District E.

Dixon ran for Harris County Judge in the GOP primary last year.

Here is from the E-Board take today:

Dixon’s strength on crime and efficiency — traditionally Republican concerns — will serve as a useful balance on the Democrat-dominated City Council. And we think that the non-showy way she plans to do the job will be the best for achieving results. Both Dixon and her worthy opponent, Kingwood Tea Party stalwart Fred Flickinger say they’d model themselves less on hell-raising Republican at-large member Michael Kubosh, and more on the current Republican representative of District E, the pragmatic, constituent-serving Dave Martin. We applaud their role model.

Flickinger, 60, who helps lead his family’s hydraulic equipment company, seems to view problems (and solutions) through more of a partisan lens than Dixon, and we worry he’d function more as an obstructionist rather than a constructive coalition builder. 

A vote for Dixon is a vote for a government where Democrats and Republicans can work together to improve citizens’ lives. Houston needs that. And so does the rest of America.


41,000 and change showed up yesterday to see us lose to the Royals. Over 3 million fans went to The Yard this season. Too bad the team got swept by the second worst team in MLB this weekend. The Astros are playing lousy baseball. 

I am going to stop wearing team gear. I have been wearing gear including t-shirts and socks in various combinations to no avail. They can’t seem to win.  Maybe if I stop wearing gear, they will pull out of their current nosedive. The featured photo has the gear in the drawer where it will stay for now.

If we happen to make the playoffs it will likely be as a Wild Card team. That means we would play on the road for the Wild Card series. If we were to advance to the ALDS, we would be the lower seed which means we wouldn’t play at The Yard until October 10. 

The team can only blame themselves. In yesterday’s lineup, Jeremy Peña was batting ninth. It says a lot when your shortstop is batting in the number 9 hole.

The team is in Seattle for three.

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