From the Chron today:

Alexandra del Moral Mealer, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s former Republican opponent, dropped her lawsuit challenging the results of the election she lost last November by over 18,000 votes, according to court documents filed Thursday.

Mealer filed an election contest lawsuit on Jan. 6, one of 22 similar cases brought by GOP candidates in Harris County.

This is a no-brainer. Mealer didn’t want to be called an election denier for the rest of her life. You can’t be an election denier and have a serious future in politics in Harris County.


The featured photo is the headline in today’s Chron. Texas is number two in the country on book bans. We all know that arsehole GOP Gov. Greg Abbott is freaking out this morning on why we are not number one.


The Chron E-Board today endorsed the following constitutional amendments:

Proposition 10 – SJR 87 “The constitutional amendment to authorize the legislature to exempt from ad valorem taxation equipment or inventory held by a manufacturer of medical or biomedical products to protect the Texas healthcare network and strengthen our medical supply chain.”

 Proposition 11 – SJR 32 “The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to permit conservation and reclamation districts in El Paso County to issue bonds supported by ad valorem taxes to fund the development and maintenance of parks and recreational facilities.”

 Proposition 12 – HJR 134 “The constitutional amendment providing for the abolition of the office of county treasurer in Galveston County.”


Commentary got the RSV AREXVY vaccine yesterday at Walgreens. It is recommended for folks my age.  I will be getting the updated COVID-19 vaccine and my flu shot in a couple of weeks.  I read where it is recommended that you wait a couple of weeks after you get the RSV to get the COVID and flu jabs. I feel a bit groggy this morning.


Carlos Correa is 29 today. Happy Birthday, Carlos!

Jeremy Peña is 26 today. Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

We are down to this. 9 games left. We have three against the Royals this weekend. The Mariners and Rangers will battle in Arlington this weekend. We know what it is all about.

This weekend will be the last series of baseball at The Yard for the regular season. Hopefully, they are not the last MLB games to be played at The Yard in 2023. I will be going tomorrow evening and Sunday afternoon.

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