Now and Then

Commentary didn’t watch the GOP debate on NBC last night. I saw the highlights. Former Gov. Nikki Haley called the Vivek fella “scum.” She went light on him. I would have called him a POS.


I was reviewing the election returns for the H-Town mayoral race. There was one East End precinct with zero vote totals. That precinct had a voting center on election day. Must be an error. I informed HarrisVotes on the discrepancy.

The featured photo is today’s Chron front page.


The Trib has a piece on ISD bond elections this past Tuesday. Here is from the Trib:

ODESSA — Delma Abalos was stunned.

In the years she has served as a vice president of the school board in Ector County, there was never enough cash to pay for every pressing maintenance repair that came up. She would fret over every loose wire, broken air conditioning unit, or portable classroom, never mind building new facilities.

The lifelong Odessan had attempted over the last decade to bring together her community to create a blueprint she and the school board would translate into a bond proposal, one of few ways schools can obtain cash for large-scale infrastructure projects by asking voters to approve new debt.

Voters said no. Until Tuesday night.

Ector County voters surprised Abalos this week when they approved the school board’s plea for over $400 million to finance extensive upkeep in the local schools, which public school officials and civic leaders have said was long overdue.

“It’s unbelievable,” Abalos said at the school district’s watch party. “But now the real work starts.”

And this:

Back in West Texas, the Odessa school district school board did not get everything they asked for. Voters approved plans to build a new career and technical center, a school for special needs students, additional school buses, district-wide infrastructure projects, and a new middle school in West Odessa, an unincorporated community adjacent to Odessa. Voters said no to upgrades to the district’s sports facilities, including Ratliff Stadium, where the Permian Panthers of “Friday Night Lights” glory play.

And finally, this:

Voters in nearby Midland County also approved a bond proposal for their school district, despite an effort by billionaire Tim Dunn to persuade the community to reject it.

Here is the entire read:  Texas voters approve billions for school construction amid voucher debate | The Texas Tribune.

I know Ector County ISD Trustee Delma Abalos from way back, like around 40 years ago.

Locally, Goose Creek CISD lost their $386 million bond proposal. Goose Creek CISD is Baytown.


Commentary finally heard and saw The Beatles new tune and video “Now and Then.” I loved it. I don’t care if they used AI. If Olivia Harrison, Paul, Ringo, and Yoko signed off on the project, it is okay with me. Check it out.

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