Honestly, I didn’t think State Sen. John Whitmire would have a 7-point lead heading into a runoff. I don’t think you did either. Our campaign took on a ton of in coming.

In reviewing the precinct-by-precinct returns, we did well throughout the city with the exception of African American precincts.  Our opponent, the Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee campaign will attack us over the next 30 days. That is for sure.

The featured photo is from last night in the staff room at the hotel where we had our election results watch event.

I feel good about the Whitmire campaign this morning. We have a good team.

Congrats to my good friend Nick Hellyar for making the runoff in At-Large Position 2.

December 9 is the runoff day.


I am not going to soil this morning talking a lot about a fourth special session. The arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott needs to really think what he is putting the legislators through. This is ridiculous.

Thanks to all who voted.

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