Hate Strategy

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From the shameful campaign department.

City Council District H candidate Cynthia Reyes-Revilla trailed her opponent Mario Castillo 46.4% to 24.7% after the vote in November.  She was behind by 3,604 votes out of 16,661 cast.  I guess her campaign felt the only shot they had in winning next Saturday was by pulling the homophobic card. A very bad and hateful campaign strategy. 

Reyes-Revilla is the featured photo.


This is from Channel 13 news:

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The Harris County Clerk’s Office confirmed District D Houston Councilmember Carolyn Evans-Shabazz was asked to leave a Sunnyside polling location at least twice on Thursday.

A viewer reported to ABC13 that Evans-Shabazz was campaigning inside a polling area.

ABC13 found her inside the polling location within the 100-foot markers earlier in the afternoon.

The markers signify the area where campaigns could not be present unless voting. Shabazz said she was previously told not to be in this area when Eyewitness News spoke with her.

She told ABC13 she was using the restroom, but when we arrived, she was sitting inside the building where voting was taking place.

The clerk’s office believed the situation was resolved, and Evans-Shabazz was no longer in the polling area until ABC13 called to ask if this was a possible violation of election law.

Evans-Shabazz left the location after ABC13 spoke with her and returned to just outside the markers.

“If an active candidate on the ballot – after they vote – linger and remain inside that 100-foot rule, my view would be that is electioneering,” Robert Stein, Rice University political science professor, said.

The clerk’s office said it couldn’t enforce this rule, and it was up to the election judge present at the polling location to do so.

Here is the entire story: What is electioneering? Houston Councilwoman Carolyn Evans-Shabazz told to leave Sunnyside polling place, denies wrongdoing – ABC13 Houston.

What kind of behavior is this? She knows the rules on electioneering. Dumb move for sure on her part.


Folks know how I feel about this from the Chron:

Harris County Democrats on Wednesday decided to move forward with a formal process to admonish District Attorney Kim Ogg, a second term Democrat who is facing a competitive challenge in the upcoming March primary from former prosecutor Sean Teare. Supporters of the resolution won a slim majority after hours of debate over whether Ogg represents the party’s values.

The Harris County Democratic Party resolutions committee met two weeks ago to consider dueling Ogg proposals – one in support, one against – but the group decided to postpone the vote to give participants more time to review them. On Wednesday, the two factions discussed these proposals during the committee meeting.

A measure supporting Ogg failed with six in favor, 13 opposed and one abstention. The committee then narrowly voted for the resolution put forward by Ogg’s critics, advancing it with 11 votes in favor, nine opposed and one abstention. 

Here is the entire read: Harris County Democrats’ effort to condemn DA Kim Ogg moves forward (houstonchronicle.com).

The primary election is in three months. If she wins reelection, will they still try and censure her. What a waste of time.


Turnout was down on Day 4 of early voting because of yesterday’s rain.  Another good chunk of mail ballots came in though.  Go vote, please.

Hello, December!

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