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H-Town Second Baptist Rev. Ed Young is a piece of sh_t, but you know that. Don’t kid yourself. Second Baptist isn’t a house of worship, it is a house of hate. POS Young called migrants “garbage” a few days ago. Here is from the Chron:

Second Baptist Church pastor Ed Young is once again fearmongering while he promotes an anti-immigrant message to his nearly 18,000 Houston congregants. In a ranting sermon Sunday morning, the longtime pastor of the megachurch—with six campuses across the city—demonized migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, referring to them “undesirables, “garbage” and “raff,” and adding that the U.S. is “lost through foolishness.”

As Young stood on a stage among Texas flags and other memorabilia, he noted the parable of the lost sheep in the Gospel of Luke, in which Jesus rejoiced over the finding of a repentant sinner. Young then cited “The New Colossus,” the poem cast on the base of the Statue of Liberty.

“Central America, South America, now countries in Asia, China, India, Russia, Iran, Iraq—just pick a number—they have sent not those who are huddled masses longing to be free,” said Young, lead pastor of the Southern Baptist Convention-affiliated church since 1978. “They have emptied their jails and their prisons, they’ve taken they’re gangs and they have gone across the border and now we have 8-to-10 million of them scattered across the United States of America.” Young called this information “absolutely factual” but did not provide any evidence.

Here is the entire read on the POS: Texas Southern Baptist pastor spews anti-immigration sermon (

Hell is waiting for him, for sure.


The folks who run the H-Town water department just don’t get it. Here is the latest from KPRC-TV Channel 2 Consumer/Investigative reporter Amy Davis:

HOUSON – While Houston water customers wait for relief from inaccurate and unexplained high-water bills that’s left them ‘DRAINED,’ KPRC 2 Investigates has discovered the head of Houston Public Works, memorializing the department with trinkets we’re all paying for.

Investigative Reporter Amy Davis requested interviews with Director Carol Haddock a few times this year. Her staff told us she would talk to us once she and the mayor released the new water plan to help customers stuck with outrageous bills. We assumed that is taking up a lot of her time. But then we saw a video made for her employees.

“Hey everybody. I’m here today to tell you about a special token of appreciation that we’ve been working on. In the spirit of the tradition of the military of commander’s coins, we’re going to be introducing a director’s coin to represent Houston Public Works,” Dir. Haddock said in the video.

We found the video when a tipster anonymously forwarded the email Haddock blasted out to every public works employee in mid-January.

The tipster added their own note, “waste of taxpayer’s money!”

A public information request revealed exactly how much we paid. It costs $15,500 for 5,000 gold challenge coins.

“Some people’s water bills are $15,000. And that’s a problem for me, to know that, people are still being faced with this and that we find it right now at this particular juncture, important to put out a challenge coin,” District D Council Member Dr. Carolyn Evans-Shabazz said.

The council member adds every council member had one of the coins on the dais at last week’s city council meeting, with no explanation about who it was from or what it was for.

Here is the entire Channel 2 story: ‘Waste of taxpayer’s money’: City spends money on trinkets amid water bill crisis (

The featured photo is the coin with the director’s name on it. What a waste, for sure. I guess they got money to throw around over there. Pitiful.


Speaking of City of H-Town screw-ups. The Chron E-Board has a take today on the suspension of a couple of hundred thousand criminal cases. Here is a part:

(Houston Police Chief Troy) Finner, who replaced Chief Art Acevedo when he took a job in Miami, seemed up to the task and respected by rank and file. He’s been responsive, quickly reforming the department’s policy on car chases, for example, after a Chronicle investigation revealed dangerous practices. Whitmire seemed poised to keep Finner on, even though new mayors often appoint their own chiefs. We wouldn’t be surprised if he was reassessing.

Here is the entire E-Board take: HPD’s faulty case suspensions are an embarrassment (Editorial) (

Stay tuned.


Commentary said this yesterday:

GOP State Rep. Ernest Bailes represents the Texas House of Representatives District 18 which includes Liberty and Cleveland, Texas. Liberty and Cleveland watch H-Town TV broadcast stations like KPRC-TV Channel 2.  Rep. Bailes is anti-voucher. Arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott is spending a lot of his campaign dough trying to oust Bailes. There is an anti-Bailes ad running on Channel 2 saying Bailes is weak on border security. You know that must be a lie.

Bailes finally got an ad up on Channel 2. He is attacking President Joe Biden. What a joke.


I saw this headline for a story on

$454,156,783.05 – That’s how much Trump is on the hook for in his civil fraud case

And a nickel.


Go vote early today, please.

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