National Time Refund Day

Raquel Campos Estes is my niece and today is her birthday. We have been calling her Rachel, like forever. Rachel is a Leap Day or Leap Year baby, meaning she was born on February 29, in a Leap Year. I always thought that was cool.  Other than Rachel, I don’t know of anyone personally who has a February 29 birthday.

Singer and television personality Dinah Shore, who left us close to 30 years ago, was born on February 29. So too former Astros General Manager Al Rosen. Rosen, who was our GM in the 1980s, left us around nine years ago.

In non-Leap Years, I wish Rachel a happy birthday on February 28. I kind of think she prefers March 1.

Happy Birthday today, Rachel!

That is me and Rachel in the featured photo from our trip to Las Vegas last year.

Oh, yeah. Today is also National Time Refund Day. Get it?


From the way overdue department, see this from the Chron:

The city of Houston and its firefighters are nearing an agreement to resolve their bitter, yearslong pay dispute, with specifics expected to take additional weeks or months to finalize, according to city and union officials.

The city typically renegotiates contracts with the firefighters union every few years, but the two parties were unable to reach an agreement in 2017, leading to an ongoing legal battle and leaving the firefighters without a contract ever since.

Here is the entire read: Houston, firefighters union nearing resolution in pay dispute (

Let’s hope Mayor John Whitmire gets this issue resolved. It is a shame it got this bad.


U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell is giving up his leadership position at the end of this year. He is one of the all-time political worms in the history of our politics.


History will certainly not be kind to this Supreme Court. Corrupt and unethical.


My season tickets popped up on my account a couple of days ago. Opening Day is four weeks from today, a 3 pm first pitch time.

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