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State Rep. Jarvis Johnson was endorsed today by the Chron E-Board in the race for State Senate District 15 in the Democratic Party Primary. See the featured photo. This is how the E-Board take starts:

In the fight to fill the state Senate seat vacated by Houston Mayor John Whitmire, voters will have to consider not just policy priorities, but also the strategy to get anything accomplished. As it is, even Republican senators can’t get much done without the personal blessing of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Democrats hardly stand a chance. 

We think Jarvis Johnson will be able to squeak through a few wins.

With experience as a Houston council member and a state representative since 2016, Johnson has a pragmatic view of how to get things done.

Here is the entire take: Jarvis Johnson for Senate District 15 Dem primary (Editorial) (


The E-Board today also endorsed Laura Ashley Simmons over incumbent State Rep. Shawn Thierry in the State House District 146 Democratic Party Primary. Check this from the E-Board take:

What we don’t admire are some of the things that have since come to light about Thierry, including her unproductive behavior in managing staff and negotiating with House colleagues. 

When allegations from former staffers about mistreatment in her office resurfaced, including that she threw flowerpots and tasked them after hours with her personal chores, Thierry dismissed the comments as retaliation for her vote on the trans care bill. She told Texas Monthly she believed the accusing former staffers were gay or bisexual. That doesn’t explain, of course, her relatively high staff turnover or the fact that those staffers first filed their complaint back in 2021 and apparently it was never followed up on.

We saw an unexpected glimpse of Thierry’s short temper and poor conduct when we met with the four-time incumbent and one of her challengers, Lauren Ashley Simmons. (Ashton Woods did not meet with us.) After a combative and petty performance that was beyond the debating showmanship we typically see, Thierry again interrupted Simmons during what was supposed to be her closing statement. Simmons, 36, was noting that she had earned the support of three of Thierry’s colleagues.

“The gay ones,” Thierry interjected sharply. 

So sad. I hope the voters do the right thing.

Here is the entire E-Board take: Lauren Simmons for Texas House District 146 Dem primary (Editorial) (


From the Daily Beast today:

Texas Army National Guard soldiers stationed in Eagle Pass’ Shelby Park as a part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star said their mission is little more than a photo-op, according to HuffPost. “If anything, I think it makes for better pictures for campaign ads,” said Hunter Schuler, a former Texas Army National Guard medic who served in Shelby Park on Operation Lone Star before his service ended last year. He explained that members of the National Guard was made to perform “elaborate demonstrations” complete with riot gear, helicopters, and speed boats on the adjacent Rio Grande. “It seems like it’s meant to be a show of force, but it is doing absolutely nothing to stem the tide of migrants,” he said. Another soldier who used a pseudonym said that he and his fellow soldiers are meant to do little more than “look intimidating,” and unspool millions of dollars worth of razor wire. “I definitely don’t believe in the mission,” he said. “I don’t think that it really was about stopping migration. I think it was just putting on a show.” He went on to say that this method of preventing border crossings is inefficient and entirely ineffective, considering that the high concentration of soldiers in Eagle Pass does nothing to prevent crossings further down the river. Gov. Greg Abbott has claimed control of the 47-acre slice of land that makes up Shelby Park, and blocked federal law enforcement from entering.

What a joke, but we know that. What a waste of money.


Astros reliever Ryan Pressly is a class act for sure. Here is what he said yesterday about the team bringing on Josh Hader to be our closer:

“Yeah, it was a surprise. But he makes our team better. He’s hands-down one of the best relievers in the game. And when you add him to our bullpen, we’re just that much better now. I’m happy he’s here. I’m happy that I get to share a bullpen with him. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be a great time. He seems like a great teammate. So I’m excited to be here with him. I get paid to go get three outs. It don’t matter if it’s in the fourth inning or the ninth inning. Whenever the phone rings and they tell me to get in there, I’ll get in there.”

Great attitude. I feel good about the Astros in 2024.

Have a safe Presidents’ Day Weekend!

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