The Chron E-Board endorsed Mo Jenkins in the Texas State House District 139 Democratic Primary race. That is the seat that State Rep. Jarvis Johnson is leaving to run for the State Senate District 15 position that H-Town Mayor John Whitmire resigned from to become mayor. Got it?


President Joe Biden is 81. The special counsel on his classified documents investigation says he has a lousy memory. President Biden addressed the issue last night and he was kind of upset.

The age thing is going to be made an issue from here on out. Just let me ask folks this. Has President Joe Biden’s age had an adverse impact on your life, your job, your commute to work, or your health? You get the picture.

Thank you.


The MLB season starts in seven weeks, and I saw this online story yesterday:

The Houston Astros make a couple of recent moves that likely had a role in new projections that make them the team to beat in the American League.

Baseball Prospectus released its latest PECOTA projected standings for 2024 on Wednesday. The site runs thousands of simulations to come up with the standings along with a range of victories for the season.

PECOTA, which stands for Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm, is Baseball Prospectus’ proprietary system that projects player and team performance.

And it likes the Astros in 2024.

The team just extended second baseman Jose Altuve to a five-year contract. In January, the Astros bolstered their bullpen by signing closer Josh Hader to a five-year deal. The Astros also have one of the best batting orders in the game.

Last year, the Astros only won 90 games, but tied the Texas Rangers on the final day of the season at the top of the AL West. Because the Astros owned the tiebreaker over the Rangers, they got the higher playoff seed.

But, the two teams met in the AL Championship Series and the Rangers won in seven games.

BP believes the Astros won’t just end up with the AL West title in 2024, but they’ll end up with the best record in the AL, barely passing the New York Yankees.

BP projects the Astros to finish with 94.6 wins, just edging out the Yankees with 94.5 wins.

The Astros are projected to have a 91.3% chance of making the playoffs, with a 73.6% chance of winning the division. From there, the Astros have a 78.6% chance of reaching the divisional playoffs and a 10.1% chance of reaching the World Series.

Astros pitchers and catchers report to spring training next week in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Relentless is the team slogan for this season the team announced yesterday. See the featured photo. I am good with relentless.

Right now, I will say the key to our season is staying healthy. We were devasted last year when Altuve got dinged up pretty good just before the season started.


It is Super Bowl weekend and if you are in Vegas, you can bet on who wins the coin toss, an over/under on the length of the National Anthem, an over/under on how many times they show Taylor Swift during the telecast, what team scores first, and naming Usher’s first tune that he plays during his halftime show.

Have a safe Super Bowl weekend.

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