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Cong. Colin Allred was endorsed for the U.S. Senate in the Texas Democratic Party Primary election by the Chron E-Board yesterday. Go check it out.


On Saturday, the Texas GOP put a censure on Texas GOP House Speaker Dade Phelan and Scott Braddock tweeted this afterwards:

Speaker @DadePhelan’s operations hits back, saying the Texas GOP “rolled out the red carpet for a group of Neo-Nazis” and “has lost its moral authority and is no longer representative of the views of the Party as a whole” #TxLege

Commentary said a long time ago that the GOP had no moral authority. The RNC, the Texas GOP, and the Harris County GOP, they all let Donald Trump own their arses. Trump on Saturday encouraged Russia to invade NATO countries and I have not heard a peep from GOPers including Phelan calling Trump outrageous.  The Texas GOP is representative of the views of the Party as a whole, a whole lot of hate.


Speaking of hate, I think I counted three anti-hate ads during the Super Bowl game telecast. Folks are having to spend $21 million countering hate that Trump and the GOP have brought us.

It was a good night for ads.  Let me just give you my list of the ones that I liked.

The pre-game Sunday Ticket ad on the human NFL birds – Eagles, Ravens, and Seahawks.

The women in sports from Dove Soap.

Reese’s new caramel cup.

JLo, Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, and Matt Damon in Dunkin.

The human potatoes in the Pluto TV ads.

Dude Wipes that I haven’t tried.

Bey in the Verizon ad.

Uber Eats with Jennifer Aniston, the Beckhams, David Schwimmer, Jelly Roll, and Usher.

Michelob Ultra with Lionel Messi, Jason Sudeikis, and Dan Marino.

M&Ms with Marino, Scarlet Johansson, Terrell Owens, and Bruce Smith.

BMW with Christopher Walken and his wannabees. with Tina Fey, Glenn Close, and Jan Krakowski.

The late Carl Weathers in the FanDuel ad was a tad sad.

I could relate to the VWs to America ad in that my first ride was a VW bug back in the 1970s.

The Dr. umstick from Drumstick was cleverly cute.

Right after the game, United said Texans fans could book a flight to next year’s Super Bowl and if we didn’t make it, we could get a refund.

And from the WTF department, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ran an ad.

I think Dan Marino and Usher were in three ads each.


Usher’s halftime show was electric. Commentary is a big fan of Alicia Keys.


The game last night was as good as it gets. A super game. A dramatic finish for sure.

Before the game, Taylor Swift and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell were seen chatting in a suite and one of the NFL Today panelists said Goodell is probably thanking Taylor. Way too funny.

There were plenty of Taylor Swift shots throughout the game. See the featured photo.

The game started slowly and ended up fast and furious.

It went to overtime. I was rooting for the Chiefs, but I would have been okay with the 49ers winning.

I am sure CBS was good with the Chiefs winning so they could cut away at Taylor, Blake Lively, and Ice Spice celebrating.

How can you not root for that.

Great game. Super game.


Commentary remembers getting a bit fussy when the Astros told us we would have to pay extra for hard copy of our season tickets about seven years ago. They were trying to get us to access our tickets using our iphone gizmos. I begrudgingly went along and it worked out okay. Now they want us to step into the world of facial recognition.  See this from the Chron:

The Astros will be one of four Major League Baseball teams using facial authentication technology at this year’s opening day in an effort to speed up fans’ entry through the gates at Minute Maid Park.

MLB is calling the system Go-Ahead Entry, which first was tested by the Philadelphia Phillies last season and eventually will be incorporated by every team throughout 2024.

The Astros hope to be able to test the system for exhibition games against the Sugar Land Space Cowboys on March 25-26 before the regular season opens against the Yankees on March 28, according to the team’s senior vice president of marketing and communications Anita Sehgal.

Fans have to opt-in to the service, which will allow them to enter the stadium without having to show a ticket, by registering through the MLB Ballpark app.

Here’s how it works:

To register, fans who are 18 and older and have a digital ticket to the game in their MLB Ballpark app take what amounts to a selfie through the app. According to MLB officials, the images of fans aren’t stored or shared, but instead converted into a digital taken that is used to authenticate fans’ likenesses as they walk through the gates. Fans take the selfie just once as they register and it will be used throughout the season upon entry. 

At each Minute Maid Park gate, there will be a special lane for Go-Ahead Entry in which fans can skip the lines and walk through without having to show a ticket once they make it through security. It also works with groups as long as the person signed up for the service has all of their group’s tickets in their MLB Ballpark app.

“It’s almost like if you have Clear at the airport,” Sehgal said. 

While every MLB team will be using the system by the end of the year, it’s also making its way around to other sports. The Carolina Panthers began using it at their Bank of America Stadium late last season and will continue using it for Charlotte FC’s MLS games at the stadium. The Cleveland Browns also used it in 2023.

I guess I will give it a try.


Today is National Football Hangover Day. I am observing.

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