Good Friday

Here is a headline from a Chron front page story today:

Abbott’s order targets campus antisemitism

While he is throwing around orders, why not one at his own GOP.


I got a letter from CenterPoint yesterday. They informed me that next week they would be doing some work in my neighborhood, and we would be without power from 9 am to 1 pm.  They specified the date. I am glad they let me know so I can prepare.


Yesterday was more like an opening bust. The game was ours to win.  We had our chances. Oh, well.

I was one of the 6,000. See this from ABC Channel 13 news:

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The Houston Astros told ABC13 that about 6,000 fans participated in MLB Go-Ahead Entry to enter Minute Maid Park for Thursday’s opening day game against the New York Yankees.

The program allows users to upload a photo of their face to the MLB Ballpark App and then enter the ballpark without having to stop and have a ticket scanned.

Most fans who went to Thursday’s game still used their traditional digital ticket, which has become commonplace at games. Still, the Astros hope this facial recognition technology grows in popularity as the season progresses.

“You can walk in, and you don’t even have to present a ticket,” Houston Astros Vice President of Communications Gene Dias said. “It’s a great way to expedite how quickly we can get fans into the ballpark.”

One fan who spoke with ABC13 wasn’t so optimistic about the technology.

“I love the Astros, but I’m not comfortable giving my face to any kind of program,” Vanessa said.

Here is the entire story: Astros vs. Yankees: Facial recognition comes to Minute Maid Park and thousands use MLB Go-Ahead Entry for 2024 Opening Day – ABC13 Houston.

I am pretty sure that our faces have been captured by other devices out there.

Go-Ahead Entry didn’t get us in any quicker because of the long lines of the Opening Day crowd. You stand in front of a gizmo and then it flashes your mug with the number of tickets you have. Then me and my nephew walked in. We were in the beer line for First Pitch.

The featured photo is me and my nephew David from last night.


Enjoy your Good Friday and have a happy and safe Easter weekend.

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