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Commentary said this after the Democratic Party Primary about three and a half weeks ago:

For what it is worth, according to the Texas Secretary of State website, Michelle Bonton, Molly Cook, State Rep. Jarvis Johnson, and Todd Litton were the only ones to file for the May 4 State Senate District 15 Special Election to fill the vacancy and serve out the rest of the term that ends on December 31 of this year. Looks like only Jarvis and Molly will be campaigning.

I got my mail ballot for the May 4, 2024, election which includes the State Senate District 15 Special and the Harris Central Appraisal District Board of Directors races. See the featured photo. Only Molly Cook and State Rep. Jarvis Johnson are listed on the ballot for SD 15. I guess Michelle Bonton and Todd Litton had their names removed from the ballot. I think. Oh, well.


The lead front page story in Saturday’s Chron was on HISD’s priorities for the 2024-2025 school year. Here is what caught my attention:

November bond election

More than 10 years after the district’s last bond election, HISD wrote that it plans to ask the voters for a bond election in November 2024, pending board approval, to address what it describes as deteriorating schools and infrastructure. The plan states that HISD expects to draft the bond measure proposal by April 1 and obtain board approval by May 1. 

HISD aims to implement a plan to receive input and to build support for the bond measure by July 1, according to the document. The district estimates that it will cost $2 million to implement this action item, including expenses associated with putting the bond plan together and hiring a consulting group.

“We cannot wait much longer to ask the public to provide additional revenue to help our schools,” the document says.

Here is the entire read: HISD shares 10 goals for 2024-25 year in draft action plan (

Since the 1990s, Commentary has worked on several HISD bond campaigns. There has never been an HISD bond campaign conducted during a TEA takeover.  For a bond campaign to pass, you need a ton of support from the community.  I may be wrong, but I don’t sense that right now.

A lot of folks believe that Superintendent Mike Miles has a my way or the highway attitude.

Recent polling I have seen says Democratic voters do not support the TEA takeover. In an HISD bond campaign, you are going to have to get support from organizations including Democratic clubs, organized labor – you get the picture.

They are going to need more than nine Board of Managers to sell this to the voters.

Stay tuned to this for sure.


Nobody in H-Town expected us to start the season at 0-4. We need to play better.

We had great weather the past few days. One would think that the Astros would have had the roof open at The Yard. Nope. What is it with the Astros and the roof. It would make the experience more enjoyable.

The Jays are in town for three.


My Beatles wall calendar for the month of April has a 1964 photo of Paul, John, and George in concert. Ringo isn’t in the photo.

Have a nice April Fool’s Day.

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