Vote Tomorrow

Folks know who Commentary is rooting for in the race between former H-Town City Council member Amanda Edwards and Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee tomorrow. I will be at my place on Election Night checking the results. It is Super Tuesday, so I will have the flat screen on tuned to MSNBC to listen to the analysis with Rachel, Joy, Jen, Ari, Steve, Stephanie, Alex, Lawrence, Nicolle, and Chris.

Obviously, I have an interest in the Texas State Senate District 15 race.  It looks like this Sean Teare fella is on his way to winning the Democratic Party Primary Harris County District Attorney race. Cong. Colin Allred is looking like he might take the Democratic Party Primary U.S. Senate race outright tomorrow night.

I will be looking to see how incumbent male Democratic Judges in Harris County perform against female challengers. I want to see who makes the runoff in the Democratic Party Primary Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector race.

I will even pay attention to what is happening in the Texas GOP Primary races. I am rooting for the anti-voucher rural state reps that are being targeted by arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott. I am also rooting for the GOP state reps that are being targeted by the crooked GOP AG Ken Paxton because they voted to impeach the MFer Paxton.

I am not rooting for or against GOP Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan. Yeah, he appoints Democrats to State House Committee chairs, but he also bows to Donald Trump, even though Trump has endorsed Phelan’s opponent.

The Hill has a good story on the Abbott GOP purge here: Abbott leads effort to purge opponents in Texas Republican Party | The Hill.

President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris endorsed Cong. Jackson Lee for reelection this past Saturday. Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia also endorsed Cong. Jackson Lee this past weekend. Why didn’t they endorse her before early voting started? Oh, well.

Commentary is not going to get all worked up over voter turnout in the Texas Democratic and Republican Party Primaries.  On the GOP side, they are spending a whole lot of dough on legislative races – like millions of dollars.  It is what it is.


My Beatles wall calendar for the month of March has the four standing outdoors in the evening in 1964. The featured photo is a couple of Beatles lunch boxes that I own.


MLB returns to The Yard three weeks from tonight as the Astros will host the Space Cowboys.

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