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We got a deal. Here is this from KPRC-TV Channel 2 News this morning:

HOUSTON – The City of Houston announced Thursday that a tentative agreement has been reached that will resolve all outstanding pay issues for Houston firefighters dating back to 2017.

The announcement comes just seven weeks into Mayor John Whitmire’s term, according to the city.

“A world-class city like Houston deserves a well-funded fire department to attract and retain talented individuals who are willing to risk their safety for us during our times of need,” said Mayor Whitmire. “Houston’s fire department should be at or near the top among the major cities in our state. This agreement resolves a long – festering pay dispute with firefighters, avoids further unnecessary litigation costs, and allows us to move forward together.”

The city said the Mayor’s sentiments reflect his views to assist and support all City departments and employees. Mayor Whitmire urges “all Houstonians to support every effort to fund public safety in Houston.”

“During my campaign, I committed to Houstonians that I would resolve this issue beginning on my first day in office. I am pleased that we have reached this tentative agreement within the first two months. I will ask City Council members and all Houstonians to support this arrangement once final details are settled with our partners at the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association.”

Mayor Whitmire noted that each side made important compromises to reach this agreement and thanked both parties for their efforts over the last two months.

Agreement on the amount owed to Houston firefighters for the eight years they have worked without a contract clears the path for the implementation of essential steps to actualize the mechanics of the deal. A subsequent announcement will provide detailed information on these additional steps.

“This is historic,” said HPFFA President Patrick M. “Marty” Lancton. “Mayor Whitmire promised we would get this done by the end of February, and he has kept that promise. In just seven weeks, we have resolved a dispute the previous administration kicked down the road for eight years. It is amazing to witness what happens when leadership is unafraid to do the right thing.”

Here is the entire Channel 2 story: Tentative agreement reached to resolve Houston firefighters contract dispute (

We will get the details soon enough.


Commentary had the flat screen on MSNBC yesterday and they went live to President Joe Biden speaking in Brownsville, Texas and one of my best friends, State Sen. Carol Alvarado, was standing behind him. See the featured photo. How cool is that. Nice job, Sen. Alvarado.


Folks know that Commentary loves Dollar Dog Night at The Yard.  I usually get a couple and add mustard, onions, and relish. I read yesterday where the Phillies are doing away with their Dollar Dog night. See this:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — For more than a quarter-century, Phillies fans considered dollar hot dog night among the best ballpark promotions — but the team has now decided it was the wurst.

Those dog days of April — when the Philly weather is cold and the wieners are a steal — are going, going, gone.

The Phillies officially ended the popular promotion Thursday and replaced dollar dogs on select dates with a 2-for-1 deal at two April games at Citizens Bank Park.

A statement from the team said the change was made “based on the organization’s ongoing commitment to provide a positive experience for all fans in attendance.”

What wasn’t positive about dollar dog nights?

Armed with projectile frankfurters, some unruly Phillies fans began chucking their favorite Hatfield meat during a game last year, and the dogs soared like cans of corn throughout the stands and onto the field. The demand for the discount dogs also led to clogged lanes — if not arteries — on the concourse, and the cramped spaces led to security and safety concerns.

Who needs snowballs?

An April 11 game last season turned into a Philly food fight when fans — largely good-naturedly — tossed their ballpark franks in several sections, leading to multiple ejections.

Here is the entire read: The Philadelphia Phillies are scrapping $1 hot dog nights following unruly fan behavior | AP News.

Astros fans don’t behave that way. Yeah, I know there have been knucklehead instances of bad behavior like fighting, arguing, tossing beer at each other, and maybe even running onto the field. On Dollar Dog Night at The Yard, the biggest issue is that you are going to wait an inning and a half in line to get your dogs. No big deal as you can watch the game on one of the flat screens on the concourse walls.


Today is the last day of early voting in person for the Texas primaries. Go vote, please.

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