The head of the City of H-Town Public Works Department is a goner. Commentary is surprised she lasted this long under Mayor John Whitmire. If you have watched KPRC Channel 2 news investigative/consumer reporter Amy Davis’s water bill and water meter stories over the past 18 months, Public Works Director Carol Haddock came off as a complete unresponsive, uncaring, and incompetent bureaucrat. Good riddance.  Here is from the Chron:

In another major shakeup at Houston’s City Hall, Mayor John Whitmire has replaced Public Works Director Carol Haddock with interim City Engineer Richard Smith. He will be charged with steering one of the city’s largest and most externally-facing departments.

With over 4,200 employees and a roughly $3 billion annual budget, Public Works is responsible for managing the city’s street and drainage projects, treating water and wastewater, delivering water to Houston households, issuing building permits and enforcing municipal codes. It is also in charge of managing the city’s large-scale construction projects to improve street, drainage and water facilities in the long term.

Haddock, appointed by former Mayor Sylvester Turner in 2018, was the first woman in Houston’s history to lead the department. She took over after former director Karun Sreerama was suspended and ultimately stepped down following revelations that he made payments to a Houston Community College trustee who pleaded guilty to accepting bribes.

Here is the entire Chron read: John Whitmire replaces Carol Haddock from Houston Public Works (houstonchronicle.com).

She was totally clueless on the water department mess. Like I said, I am surprised she lasted this long. Oh, well.


ABC Channel 13 news has a story on the H-Town Mayor and Harris County Judge still not meeting. Here is a part of the story:

(Rice University political science professor Bob) Stein said (Harris County Judge Lina) Hidalgo and (Mayor John) Whitmire are the faces people look to during disasters, and if they aren’t getting along, it could be an issue.

“The public reads body language,” Stein said. “They understand when people are on the same page and when they’re not.”

Experts said the two leaders hadn’t met, most likely because of the fallout from Hidalgo supporting his opponent last fall.

“I do think the idea that they develop a relationship, am I optimistic? No,” Stein explained. “When Hidalgo took such a strong stance with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. John Whitmire is not a person who forgets easily.”

“I think it’s best time we get over the election and we just focus on the work, and I think we can totally do that,” Hidalgo said.

Here is the entire story: Houston politics: Mayor John Whitmire hasn’t met with Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo since being sworn into office – ABC13 Houston.

I stand by what I said on this a couple of days ago.


Meanwhile, election denier and loser Alexandra del Moral Mealer tweeted this:

How many Mayors within Harris County has the Judge met with in the last couple of years – any outside of a press conference for a fire or natural disaster?

There are 33 Mayors outside of the City of Houston – surely meeting with these mayors would be relevant for emergency planning.

Shut up, loser.


The least respected law enforcement agency in the universe, the Texas Department of Public Safety, sent troopers to the campus of UT Austin to arrest protesters, for errr, protesting. What a joke.


7-18. A very lousy team. See the featured photo. The team is in a deep hole with no shovel in sight. Lousy.

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