Petty Vendetta

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced yesterday that she is bringing in the crooked Texas AG’s office to prosecute the three indicted staffers who used to work for Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. Let’s see. Texas GOP AG Ken Paxton has been impeached, indicted, and is currently being investigated by the FBI. The crook was also a featured speaker at the pre-insurrection rally in D.C. on January 6, 2021.

Don’t forget the whistleblower lawsuit against Paxton.  Yeah, the same crooked Paxton who stopped Harris County’s Uplift Harris program that would have given $500 a month for 18 months to 1,800 needy families.

Paxton jettisoned the word ethics from his vocabulary years ago. 

The DA’s actions with Paxton are sad, petty, and vindictive. Last month, Ogg was soundly rejected by the voters in the Harris County Democratic Party Primary.

She looks like a very sore loser. 

The featured photo is the front page of the hard copy Chron from nearly two years ago where Judge Hidalgo accused DA Ogg of going on a political vendetta against her. Looks like the Judge was right.


The David Pecker fella from the National Inquirer let us know yesterday at the Donald Trump trial that Tiger Woods, Mark Wahlberg, and The Termintor, Arnold Schwarzenegger also cut deals to get their stories and photos out of the rag. Oh, well.


The best line yesterday from an MSNBC legal talking head who said some Supreme Court justices embraced lawlessness during the immunity hearing.  Yep.


I am guessing all the Astros haters out there who have harassed our players at MLB parks across the country the past few years are happy we are sitting at 7-19 this morning.

Geoff Blum is 51 today. Happy Birthday, Blummer!

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